Casa NK Condominium Guarujá, São Paulo house interior, Brazilian residence, Home, SP property

Casa NK condominium in Guarujá

6 July 2020

Location: Guarujá, SP – Brasil, South America

Architect: Rua 141 with Zalc Arquitetura

400m²-house Designed By Rua 141 + Zalc Arquitetura To Be A Family Refuge On São Paulo Coast

Casa NK, Guarujá condominium, São Paulo

Photos Fran Parente

Contemporary Brazilian Beach Home in Guarujá

Located in a condominium in Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, Casa NK is designed by the Rua 141 and Zalc Arquitetura, two architecture firms, which proposed a structural project highlighted by structural balance into volume harmony on both sides.

Casa NK, Guarujá condominium, São Paulo

Built to be home to a family, the house was meant to be a place of refuge close to the city of São Paulo. There was nothing built on the land, which allowed for freedom to design, on a 525m² (5,651ft²) plot – the house built-up area is 400m² (4,305ft²). The plan was to make the most of natural lighting, cross ventilation, and the presence of nature inside the house.

Casa NK, Guarujá condominium, São Paulo

The project accommodated five suites, swimming pool, gourmet area, kitchen, home office, living room and service bedroom, and was divided into two floors. Upstairs, there are intimate rooms, and on the ground floor, there are social rooms. Upstairs, there are suites and the intimate living room, and on the ground floor the other areas, in addition to the pool and the SPA.

Casa NK, Guarujá condominium, São Paulo

The suites were ornamented with large openings facing the linear terrace with a pergola. In the bathrooms, skylights were designed over the countertops to allow for natural lighting to enter and reduce the use of electricity. A large internal space houses the double height and provides room for the circulation that connects the suites on the upper floor.

Casa NK, Guarujá condominium, São Paulo

Living room and dining room double height improved air circulation in those areas, illuminated by the large openings and the skylight on top of the stairs. An axis was created where outdoor and indoor areas meet, the linear pool belongs to the garden and, at the same time, it is the setting for the living room, by creating a pool lane that is both covered and uncovered.

Contemporary Brazilian beach home in Guarujá

The same was done on the opposite side, facing the street, where the garage is covered by the cantilever slab. The aim was to integrate internal and external environments, and the separation between them on the ground floor is almost imperceptible. The vertical garden, made of the house structural pillars, brings nature to the gourmet area and the covered pool area.

Contemporary Brazilian beach home in Guarujá Contemporary Brazilian beach home in Guarujá

The texture of natural elements in the furniture, such as wood and straw, make up this rustic and tropical setting. Choosing to place Spanish Stones in the external area was key to allow for thermal comfort, as well as, rendering a more rustic aesthetics to the house.

Contemporary Brazilian beach home in Guarujá

Gardens were also created on the roof of the first floor to bring thermal comfort to the environments on that floor. By means of landscaping, tropical species were placed in the house, with variation of textures and green tones, surrounding the entire house, which increased thermal comfort.

Contemporary Brazilian beach home in Guarujá

For this reason, garden slabs were created on the upper floor, a green wall and climbing plants were placed opposite the home office. Solar panels were used for heating water, their surplus heat used to heat up the pool and the spa.

Casa NK Guarujá Condominium – Building Information

Architecture: Rua 141 and Zalc Arquitetura
Construction company: Orus
Production: Tiago Cappi
Area: 400m² (4,305ft²) built-up area and 525m² (5,651ft²) plot
Year: 2019

Photography: Fran Parente

About Rua 141 –

Casa NK condominium in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil Casa NK condominium in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil

Carpets: Phenicia Concept
Bedding: Blue Gardênia
Pillows and blankets and outdoor puff chair: Codex Home
Living room Sofa: Marche Art de vie, designer: Bruno De Carvalho
Living room Armchairs: Marche Art de vie, designer: Bruno De Carvalho
Decor objects: Dpot objetos, Marche art de vie, Olho Interni

Dining room chairs, entrance trolley, bedroom chair and home office armchair: Dpot
Oar, garden loungers: Decameron
Outdoor Armchairs: Tidelli
Home office sofa, intimate living room sofa, gourmet table, gourmet chairs, dining room table, sideboard, and timber-made center table: Breton
Coat rack, intimate room side table, bedroom side tables: Estudio Bola
Home office center table: Wentz
Home office side table: Interni

Casa NK condominium in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil Casa NK condominium in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil

Doorway and intimate room frameworks: Democrart
PB room, toilet, and home office frameworks: Interni
Room four (sea) framework: Urban Arts
Dining bench: Prototype
Bedroom table lamps: Mel kawahara
Landscaping: Seiva
Stone coating: Selva de pedra
Countertops: Alonso Marble (kitchen countertop in pure white quartzone, bathroom countertops in limestone baiteg blue and toilet countertop in raw Nero travertine marble)

Facade texture: JDS revestimentos
Casements: Inovar
Tiling: Portobello (floor, bathrooms, kitchen, pool)
Bathroom Porcelain and Metal Accessories: Deca
Guardrail: Vidraçaria Vitro
Upholstered Headboards: Tapeçaria Catarinense
Kitchen wall rope sculpture: Designer Eva Soban – Dpot objetos
Carpets: Phenicia concept
DATA: swimming lane: 2.40×12.50m (7.87×41.01ft)
Swing structure: 8.00×3.35m (26.25×10.99ft)

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