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Arco di Giano Roma Architecture

Historic Architecture in the Italian Capital City: Roman Building Photographs, Italy, Europe

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Arco di Giano

View from northeast:
Arco di Giano Rome

View from southwest, near Santa Maria in Cosmedin:
Arco di Giano Arco di Giano Roma

The Arch of Janus is the only quadrifrons triumphal arch preserved in Rome. It was set up at a crossroads at the northeastern limit of the Forum Boarium, close to the Velabrum, over the Cloaca Maxima drain that went from the Forum to the River Tiber. It was built in the early 4th century CE, using spolia, i.e. material from earlier buildings, including bricks, together with pottery shards, and was covered with white marble, also from earlier buildings.

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Arco di Constantino – Constantine’s Arch
Arco di Constantino

Images by adrian welch available upon request: photos 2816×2112 pixels

Location: Rome, Italy, southern Europe

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The Pantheon

St Peters Basilica

Stadio Flaminio One of Twelve Recipients of Getty Foundation’s Keeping It Modern Grants
Date built: 1960
Design: Pier Luigi Nervi
Stadio Flaminio
photograph © Oscar Savio. Courtesy Pier Luigi Nervi Project Association, Brussels
Stadio Flaminio Rome Building


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Roman Architecture Photos

Aura Valle Aurelia Shopping Centre
Architects: Design International
Aura Valle Aurelia Roma Shopping Center
image courtesy of architecture office
Aura Valle Aurelia

Hawkers Rome Store, near Plaza de España
Architects: CuldeSac
Hawkers Rome Store
photograph : Luigi Filetici
Hawkers Rome Store

Piazza Tevere, by Tiber River
Design: Ballman Khapalova
Piazza Tevere Rome
image : Ballman Khapalova
Piazza Tevere
Between the Ponte Giuseppe Mazzini and the Ponte Sisto there is a section of the Tiber River that is perfectly rectangular. It is the same size and proportion as the Circus Maximus, and like the Circus Maximus, this section of the river can become a vital center for public life in Rome.

Active House Rome LIVE Living, EUR district
Design: studio IT’S, Architects
Active House Rome LIVE Living EUR district
render © It’s – Marco Tripodi
Active House Rome, LIVE Living EUR, the first Active House in Rome is under construction in the EUR district.

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