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Hawkers Rome Store, Via Belsiana

New Italian Retail Architecture: Via Belsiana Sunglasses Company Shop design by CuldeSac

20 Apr 2018

Hawkers Rome Store on Via Belsiana

Architects: CuldeSac

Address: Via Belsiana, 33, 00187 Roma RM, Italia – near Plaza de España

Hawkers Rome Store

Hawker’s energy invades Rome

CuldeSac ™ designs, in collaboration with Hawker’s retail team, the second flaghship of the brand right in the heart of Italy, transgressing traditional materials to bring them closer to the essence of the product.

Hawkers Rome Store

Hawkers Rome: pure energy

There is no better way to define the new flagship store.

Hawkers Rome Store Hawkers Rome Store

The use of color in a spontaneous, changeable and living way characterizes the space. An explosion of energy is reflected in the mirror baseboards of the walls, in which 3d animations allow the Brand to interact with the client. The color interacts with the environment to alter it, becoming the filter that surrounds it all.

Hawkers Rome Store

The Hawker’s character enters the city and defines the store’s spirit, becoming a covering that makes us feel inside a marble glass; a stone pool, that absorbs the energy that the city irradiates during the day and shines when the city is asleep, thanks to the resin that fills the veining.

Hawkers Rome Store

The brand lives inside the marble and see the light throughout the veining. Hawkers is a liquid brand and appear as such in the space with the color. – Borja Berna. Architect at CuldeSac™ Custom

Hawkers Rome Store

The limits of the space are blurred thanks to the mirrors that interact with the clients, giving the store a feeling of dynamism, character, game and light. – Lucía del Portillo, Partner & Creative Director at CuldeSac Custom

Hawkers Rome Store

A vibrant space located just near Plaza de España, that plays with the client perceptions, the physical limits and technology to generate an original experience.

Hawkers Rome Store

Hawkers arrives in Rome with premium materials fabricated ad-hoc, ready to infiltrate the classicism and the roman luxury, impregnating the city with its strong personality, and beginning its conquest of the european continent.

Hawkers keeps, with this store, making its own rules.

Hawkers Rome Store

Hawkers Rome – Building Information

Title: Hawkers Rome Store
Location: Rome, Italy
Size: 17 square meters
Opening date: April 2018
Category: Store Design
Designer: CuldeSac Custom Retail, Spain
Website: http://www.culdesac.es

Photographer: Luigi Filetici (http://luigifiletici.it)

About CuldeSac

CuldeSac™, the strategic and creative consultancy headquartered in Valencia, produces ideas and concepts intended to bring added value and business to brands. The multidisciplinary team of this creative lab is specialised in developing and executing unique brand experiences throughout the world.
CuldeSac™ is currently one of the most multifaceted studios on the Spanish creative scene. Internationally renowned and a usual collaborator of premium brands, it explores alternative avenues for carrying out interdisciplinary projects for spaces, product branding, events, communication and PR.

Hawkers Rome Store images / information received 190418 from CuldeSac

Location: Via Belsiana, 33, 00187 Roma RM, Italia

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