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Area Sacra Roma : Architettura Largo Argentina

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Area Sacra

Largo Argentina, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

ancient roman remains, various centuries

Location: central – southwest of city centre

Area Sacra Rome - Largo Argentina
photos © Adrian Welch

Largo di Torre Argentina is a square in Rome, Italy, with four Roman Republican temples and the remains of Pompey’s Theatre. It is in the ancient Campus Martius.

Area Sacra Roma : Architettura Largo Argentina

The name of the square comes from the Torre Argentina, which takes its name from the city of Strasbourg whose Latin name was Argentoratum. In 1503, the Papal Master of Ceremonies Johannes Burckardt, who came from Strasbourg and was known as “Argentinus”, built in via del Sudario a palace (now at number 44), called Casa del Burcardo, to which the tower is annexed.

The other tower in the square is the medieval Torre del Papito (“Little Pope’s Tower”). It is attributed by tradition to Antipope Anacletus II Pierleoni, allegedly not a tall person.

After Italian unification, it was decided to reconstruct part of Rome (1909), demolishing the zone of Torre Argentina. However, during the demolition work in 1927, the colossal head and arms of a marble statue were discovered.

The archeological investigation brought to light the presence of a holy area, dating to the Republican era, with four temples and part of Pompey’s Theatre. Julius Caesar was assassinated in the Curia of Pompey: the location where he is believed to have been assassinated is in the square.

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Adjacent buildings include:

The Pantheon
The Pantheon
photo © Adrian Welch

Gesu church, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
Gesu church
photograph © Adrian Welch

Location: Rome, Italy, southern Europe

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Adjacent public spaces include:

Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona Rome public square
photograph © Adrian Welch

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Piazza Tevere, by Tiber River
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Piazza Tevere Rome
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Piazza Tevere
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