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Floating City Apps Netherlands

Development Project for Deprived Communities design by Waterstudio, Netherlands

4 Sep 2014

Developing World Education Project for Deprived Communities

A unique development project from the Netherlands for deprived communities: Floating or mobile “CityApps” fitted out in DuPont™ Corian®

Design: Waterstudio, NL

Floating City Apps Foundation

The Floating City Apps foundation has developed a revolutionary concept to enhance education provision in deprived areas of the developing world: mobile units in recycled shipping containerswhich can be located as needed, including on floating platforms for waterside slums threatened by rising sea levels or seasonal flooding. The interiors of the units have been designed to optimise the durability, flexibility, hygiene and easy-maintenance of DuPont™ Corian®, a high-tech material which can also be repaired if necessary.

An initiative of the Floating City Apps foundation for deprived areas of the Third World: the “CityApps”,
mobile multi-functional units feature interior wall cladding and furnishing solutions made
with DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface; design by Waterstudio.NL:
Floating City Apps Foundation
photo by Floating City Apps foundation; all rights reserved on design and photo

Flexible solution
The concept is inspired by the principle of apps that are created for installation on smartphones. “Imagine that the deprived area is the hardware,” says Koen Olthuis from Waterstudio.NL, an architectural practice that is one of the originators of the project, “then you add functionality: the so-called CityApps, smart units that can act as a classroom or a data centre, fitted out with all the latest high tech facilities, such as tablets and internet access.”

Ready-made units
Given the logistical restrictions likely in the target areas (for example, India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, the planned location of the first prototype), the foundation opted for a completely mobile solution: ready-made interior units that are produced in the Netherlands. The units are designed to be a precise fit into standard shipping containers, which are then easily transported to their destination and which can be very quickly operational. The teaching materials are presented on tablets that can be programmed remotely.

Floating City Apps
photo by Floating City Apps foundation; all rights reserved on design and photo

Maintenance-free and sustainable
The unit design had to satisfy strict criteria, including minimal maintenance, lasting value and sustainability. This made DuPont™ Corian® an automatic choice, according to Koen Olthuis. “The material is non- porous so very easy to clean,” he explains.

DuPont™ Corian® can be seamlessly crafted into virtually any shape, making it the ideal design solution for the interiors. The individual tablets can be safely secured and properly protected when integrated into the practical wall panels. Appealing aesthetics were also a key consideration, demonstrating the respect the initiative has for its intended audience and the seriousness of this invitation to join the digital world.

An investment that retains its value
“What’s nice is that we aren’t just offering the inhabitants money, but rather a concrete project, for as long as it’s needed,” says Olthuis. “One CityApp isn’t going to change a deprived area, but a few hundred could well make a difference. If, after a while, it appears that there is no longer a need for the CityApps, perhaps because the situation has changed, then the floating units can simply be transported to another region. In this way, the investment retains its value.”

Lease construction
Several businesses have come on board to sponsor the Floating CityApps foundation and DuPont has enthusiastically supported the project with the supply of panels made from DuPont™Corian®. However, the Floating CityApps foundation remains commercially focussed. The flexible classrooms are made available to local organisations that provide education in deprived areas for a very modest fee in order to establish a sense of their value. Olthuis explains, “By acting as a leasing company, we enable local organisations to carry out their educational work more effectively.”

Floating City Apps
photo by Floating City Apps foundation; all rights reserved on design and photo

More information about the Floating City Apps foundation:
[email protected]

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