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Marco Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal Dining

2 Aug 2020

Design: FMJPC – Architecture and Design

Location: Largo de Santos, Lisbon, Portugal

Marco Restaurant is an interior remodeling project for an existing restaurant in Largo de Santos in Lisbon, which aims to renovate the environments in the different dining rooms.

Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal

Photos by Ivo Tavares Studio

Marco Restaurant

With the premises presented by the client, which aimed to intervene in the dining rooms, simple and low cost, without resorting to altering the existing layout, the focus of the project was the harmonization of the materials, colors and elements existing in the space. The proposal then focused on three main focuses: the change and harmony of the colors existing in the space, the reorganization of the service area and the proposal for new furniture. In this sense, and after reading the elements that most characterized the space, namely the existing pillars and arches, the fixed side structures of the dining tables and the material for covering the side walls, we decided to keep them and work from them.

Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal

Starting from the color and the structure that lines the side walls of the main room, which was very much assumed in the space, an approximate color was used for the large surfaces of the room, as well as ceilings and ventilation structures. Using the brand’s colors, it was proposed to change them in order to find a balance in the elements in which they assumed themselves, such as textiles, and proposing their use in new elements, namely the counter and the stairs.

In this sense and in order to interconnect the room on the 0 floor with the room on the first floor, the continuity of the element of the stairs that is assumed on the ground floor by extending them in the form of a paneling on the first floor was proposed. The paneling on the first floor ends up standing out due to the color, while protecting and harmonizing the different spaces that were previously uncharacterized.

Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal

For the service area, the design of a counter and fixed storage furniture is proposed in order to reorganize the entire area and accommodate the new needs of the contractor. The counter is resized and designed in order to insert the necessary beer structure and is assumed in the space as a prominent element for its materiality and color. It is also proposed to insert fixed furniture, including a shelf for drinks and glasses that ends up closing the service area, so as not to be so exposed.

An important part of the proposal is focused on the alteration and insertion of some elements of furniture in order to combine the existing materials in the space, among them the replacement of the separators and the tops of the structure of the side tables, the alteration of the lighting on these tables and the proposal new chairs and tables designed for the space. A bed is also designed on the structure of the fixed tables, which becomes a panel along the space in order to unify all the elements, while allowing the installation of the green walls.

The project is then a very surgical intervention in terms of design that proposes to create ambiences from the alteration of only a few elements existing in the space, which take on a new meaning. In this way, from a simple and low-cost intervention, it is possible to create a new place.

Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal

Marco Restaurant, Lisbon – Building Information

Studio: FMJPC – Architecture and Design

Completion Year: 2020
Constructed Area: 205 sqm
Location: Largo de Santos, Lisbon
Team: Filipa Menino, João Pedro Cavaco, Pedro Sacramento, Joana Mateus Ferreira, Cristiana Gama
Clients: Dominantelimite, Lda

Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal Marco Restaurant Lisbon Portugal

Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

Marco Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal images / information received 020820 from FMJPC – Architecture and Design

Location: Lisbon, Portugal, southwest Europe

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