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Biogen Offices Interior in Lisbon

9 Jan 2023

Design: Pedra Silva Arquitectos

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Biogen Offices Lisbon Portugal

Photos: Eduardo Nascimento

Biogen Offices, Portugal

Biogen is one of the world’s oldest Biotechnology companies and a pioneer in Neurosciences.

Pedra Silva Arquitetos developed their Lisbon offices in 2016, but the expansion of the team in 2020 demanded a redesign of the office space that would encompass the growing number of staff and new meeting spaces.

Biogen Offices Lisbon

The office comprises two levels with two distinct programs. The first level includes a public space with meeting pods for visitors, an auditorium, kitchen, and terrace. The second level comprises an open-space office, informal meeting pods and quiet room.

Biogen Offices Lisbon Portugal

The main challenge was to rethink the concept space with existing elements and simultaneously very few alterations. A primary objective was to introduce the company’s corporate colours to evoke the idea of belonging from visitors and staff.

Biogen Offices Lisbon Portugal

The previous project presented 3 distinct areas on the upper level: an open space, a central component comprised of meeting rooms, and a lounge. The central component boasted a mobile panel featuring art inspired molecular structures dividing the open space from the meeting rooms. The redesign of the space meant eliminating the lounge, relocating two meeting pods to the lower level and increasing the number of workstations in the open space. The result was a dynamic workspace enhanced by art inspired molecular structure graphics.

Biogen Offices Lisbon Portugal

The main alteration to the lower level was moving the reception area for the meeting pods that were previously located on the upper floor. These rooms were designed taking into account materiality and colour, and are separated by glass partition panels.

When comparing both projects, one can see the influence and interpretation of molecular structures is represented differently. The first project emphasises artistic interventions in physical elements, whilst the second highlights transparency and natural lighting between spaces.

Biogen Offices in Lisbon, Portugal – Building Information

Architecture Office: Pedra Silva Arquitectos –

Project size: 650 sqm
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2

Biogen Offices Lisbon

Photography: Eduardo Nascimento

Biogen Offices, Lisbon, Portugal images / information received 090123

Location: Lisbon, southern Portugal, southwestern Europe

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