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post updated 3 February 2023

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Polish houses.

Polish Architecture Designs – chronological list

We cover completed houses and new building designs across Poland. The focus is on contemporary Polish residences.

We have 1 page of Polish Residential Architecture selections.

Polish Residences

Poland Residential Architecture News arranged chronologically:

23 Dec 2022
The Little Eaves House, Lanckorona, Lesser Poland
Design: Bogusław Barnaś, BXB studios
The Little Eaves House, Lesser Poland
photo courtesy of architects office
The Little Eaves House
“This small house with an area of 170 square meters is inspired by a wooden hut I accidentally encountered during a bicycle trip, which somehow particularly captivated me and stayed in my memory, just like the characteristic arcaded houses of Lanckorona. The Little Eaves House breaks all conventions, rules and principles.”

18 Aug 2022
Tenement House, Krakow, southern Poland
Architecture: BXB studio Bogusław Barnaś
Krakow Tenement House Wawel Poland
image : Unique Vision Studio Rafał Barnaś
Krakow Tenement House, Wawel
The Krakow Tenement House near the Wawel Royal Castle defines a completely new quality of the Vistula embankments. This building is extremely innovative and very Krakow-like at the same time.

20 Dec 2021
Villa Reden, Chorzów, Silesia, southern Poland
Design: Architekt Maciej Franta – Franta Group
Villa Reden Apartments Chorzów, Silesia housing
photo : Tomasz Zakrzewski
Villa Reden Apartments
The unique context of the place and the potential negative consequence of implementing a new tissue in this unique area meant that the decision to shape a new building was not easy and had to refer directly to these guidelines, not compete with them, and “respond” to the environment with its uniqueness in a contemporary way.

17 Dec 2021
ArchiPaper & The Farmhouse
Design: Boguslaw and Rafal Barnas
ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse
image courtesy of architects practice
ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse
This is a unique, never seen before, unprecedented, surprising, fairy-tale-like synthesis of visual arts and architecture. Two independent pieces of art created by brothers – Boguslaw and Rafal Barnas tell the story of the architectural design in the film ArchiPaper.

3 Dec 2021
House K, Konin
Design: STOPROCENT Architekci
K House Konin Poland
photograph : Piotr Krajewski
House in Konin
House K is one of STOPROCENT Architekci projects that had waited the longest for its construction. The architects started working on it in 2012, yet the house has just been finished in 2021.

20 Nov 2021
Windmill House, Lublin, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, western Poland
Design: Michał Kucharski, o4architekci
Windmill House, Lublin Property, western Poland
photograph : Rafał Chojnacki Fotografia Architektury
Windmill House in Lublin
The foundations for the project was created as a part of the international competition „Contemporary House 2014 – Village House”. The work of Tomasz Padło and Michał Kucharski was awarded at the national stage in Poland.

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Polish Houses 2018 – 2019

14 Sep 2019
The Star House, Warsaw Suburbs
Architects: Z3Z Architekci
Star House in Warsaw Suburbs, Poland property
photograph : Juliusz Sokołowski
New House in Warsaw Suburbs
Each volume represents different function: living, sleeping and utility. The place where all three volumes intersect is the entrance zone. Because of its central placement, it provides easy access to all parts of the house.

9 July 2019
Cichy House, Czerwionka—Leszczyny, Silesia, southern Poland
Architects: Toprojekt
House in Czerwionka-Leszczyny, Poland
photograph : Juliusz Sokołowski
House in Czerwionka—Leszczyny
The fairly long plot lies in the North-South direction parallel to the motorway A1 at a distance of about 100 m, this makes the site vulnerable to noise from the highway.

17 Jun 2019
Red House, Rudy Wielkie, Gmina Kuźnia Raciborska, Racibórz County, Silesian Voivodeship, southern Poland
Architects: Toprojekt
Red House in Rudy Poland - Polish Houses
photograph : Juliusz Sokołowski
Rudy Wielkie House

13 Jan 2018 – new images added:
Autofamily House
Design: KWK PROMES Robert Konieczny
Autofamily House - Polish Homes
image from architects
Autofamily House
The only access to the plot is from the south, effecting in a conflict between the driveway and the garden to be designed. Therefore, the garden and the house is elevated to the level +1 while the entrance stays at the level 0. For the inhabitants comfort the driveway leads them to the garden, creating easy connection between two floors.

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Polish Houses 2014 – 2017

20 Nov 2017
Volkswagen Home, Warsaw
Architects: mode:lina
Volkswagen Home - Polish Houses
photography : Patryk Lewiński, Paweł Konarzewski
Volkswagen Home in Warsaw
Volkswagen has always been a truly visionary brand with a penchant for design. In this ever changing world, where new technologies rapidly transform the style of living and customers’ expectations, Volkswagen decided to create a unique project,Volkswagen Home, and invited this architects studio from Poznań to design it.

26 Oct 2017
Edge House, Krakow
Design: Mobius Architekci
Edge House in Krakow
photography : Pawel Ulatowski
Contemporary House in Krakow
This property is an attempt at designing a contemporary urban house in a mountain environment, where the local law requires traditional form. The parcel consists of three levels: the level of green terraces created by means of the building’s project, the arms which create it, parcel where the building’s ground floor is located and the parcel below the scarp.

Wolf House Guben by Mies van der Rohe

Nemo House by the Masurian Lakes

Living-Garden House in Katowice


Fence House in Poznań

Podkowa Lesna Residence, Poland

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Polish Houses 2006 – 2013

17 Jun 2013
Propeller House, outside Warsaw
Design: 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio
Propeller House Warsaw - Polish Houses
image from architect
Propeller House
Modern buildings are becoming more and more popular in Poland. Original architectural solutions are usually being used not only for projecting malls and office buildings, but also to design family houses.

3 Jun 2013
Semi-Detached House, Wilanów, Warsaw
Design: 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio
Semi-Detached House Wilanów
image from architect
Semi-Detached House Poland
Semi-detached houses are usually associated with two identical blocks connected with a wall. However, investment placed in Warsaw district Wilanów proofs that it is not always true.

21 May 2013
Horizontal House, Konstancin, Piaseczno County, Masovian Voivodeship, eastern Poland
Design: 81WAW.PL Architecture Studio
Horizontal House Poland
render : Michal Nowak
Horizontal House Poland
Two architects from architecture studio 81.WAW.PL designed ground-floor house, which plan is based on letter “L” and has 250 square meters of usable area. House is equipped in everything what family of four would need to live in a comfortable and cozy way. Function was defined as a very legible one.

22 Feb 2010
CO2-SAVER House, Laka, by Pszczyna
Architect: Peter Kuczia
photo : Tomek Pikula
This very cost-effective green house blends – like a chameleon – with its surroundings. Colourful planks within the timber exterior facade of the house reflect the tones of the landscape.

23 Mar 2010
Garby house
Neostudio Architects
Garby House Poznan property
image from architect
Garby house
The client’s wish was to have a high, two-level living room with large windows looking out to the south. The block of the house has been fitted to the existing slope in order to avoid too much capacity in its southern part – which resulted in a form soaking into the surrounding.

9 Apr 2009
OUTrial House, Ksíazenice
Design: kwk promes architects
OUTrial House Ksíazenice, Polish Home by kwk promes
image from architect
OUTrial House
A green clearing surrounded by forest was the only context for the proposed small house. Hence the idea to “carve out” a piece of the grass-covered site, move it up and treat it as the roofing to arrange all the required functions underneath.

Key New Property in Poland, alphabetical:

102 house, Poznań
Zalewski Architecture Group
102 House Poznań home
picture : Zalewski AG
102 house

Aatrial House, Opole
Design: kwk promes architects
Aatrial House Opole Poland
photo from architects
Opole house
“An obvious conflict develops between the driveway and the garden. The idea arose to lower the driveway in order to separate it from the garden. This prompted another idea – of a driveway leading inside to the ground floor level, from underneath the building, which became possible thanks to the creation of an inner atrium with the driveway in it.”

Broken House, Katowice
Design: kwk promes architects
Broken House modern architecture Poland
photo from architects
Katowice house
The building is located on the outskirts of Katowice, near a forest, on land deteriorated by 4th category mining damage, where tectonic faults are a possibility. Hence the connotation of uplifted layers of soil, interwoven with one another, which was the inspiration for the form of the house.

Dom Bezpieczny – Safe House, near Warsaw
Design: kwk promes Architects
Safe House, near Warsaw
photograph : Aleksander Rutkowski photos
Safe House Poland
The house is situated in a small village at the outskirts of Warsaw. The surroundings are dominated with usual „polish cubes” from the sixties and old wooden barns. The clients’ top priority was to gain the feeling of maximum security in their future house, which determined the building’s outlook and performance.

Dom Ukryty + Dom Wroclaw
Design: kwk promes architects
kwk promes
The house will be situated in Lower Silesia, in a post-german city, where the majority of buildings are steep roofed villas. Under ground there are thousands of kilometres of partly buried tunnels, which became the starting point of the design idea.

Gathering place
Design: kwk promes architects
Gathering place Polish Home, Bialy Bór
image from architect
Gathering place
The object was to be a gathering place for 8 related families. The key concept was to use a round plan, as a circle had been a symbol of gathering for ages.

House with a Capsule
Design: kwk promes architects
House with a Capsule modern home Poland
photo from architects
House with Capsule
The building is situated in an industrial area of Poland. It’s been designed for an indigent family, which appreciates its functionality, as well as low maintenance and construction cost. The plan of this bungalow is based on a square, where internal and external spaces are combined.

Standard hOuse, Pszczyna, southern Poland
Design: kwk promes Architects
Standard hOuse Poland
photo : Mariusz Czechowicz MURATOR
Standard hOuse
The project arose in untypical conditions: it was supposed to be built in two different places – near Pszczyna and in the outskirts of Berlin. As the second location was still to be chosen, the main goal became to design a house that fits every plot.

Stone Villa, Gdynia
Design: Schleifer & Milczanowski Architekci s.c.
Stone Villa Poland housing
photo from architects
Stone Villa
Stone Villa is located in one of the most exclusive housing estates of Gdynia – Kamienna Góra. This part of town is under surveillance by historical preservation registry.

Villa Moniuszki, Gdansk
Design: Schleifer & Milczanowski Architekci s.c.
Villa Moniuszki Gdansk house
photo from architects
Villa Moniuszki
Villa Moniuszki is an intimate complex composed of two residential buildings. Both edifices belong to blocks of residential Wrzeszcz – one of the most exposed districts of Gdansk – taking advantage of all directions on the compass and proximity of the adjacent buildings.

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