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ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse Design

post updated 18 May 2022

The Farmhouse in Poland Awards News

Double A ‘Design Award for Bogusław Barnaś for the implementation of The Polish Farmhouse and The Lesser Polish Eaves Cottage. This is the first time in the history of this competition called “Oscars of design”, when two statuettes were awarded to the same studio for the design of single-family houses.

The Farmhouse Poland
photograph © Piotr Krajewski

‘The Polish Farmhouse and The Lesser Polish Eaves Cottage are designer houses, but at the same time durable and timeless because they are rooted in tradition. We believe in BXB studio that thanks to this they are more than just a modern building’ – Bogusław Barnaś, BXB studio

A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest and most diverse international competition related to architecture and design. An independent, international jury consisting of industry experts – lecturers, journalists, designers and entrepreneurs – selects the best projects from around the world, distinguished by unique design, creativity and the use of technology. A’Design Award is a symbol of excellence in design and innovation.

Every year, in each of the disciplines of the competition, awards of various weight are awarded: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron. The double winner of the Silver A ‘Design Award 2021 in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category was architect Bogusław Barnaś, for the implementation of two houses – The Polish Farmhouse and The Lesser Polish Eaves Cottage.

The A’ Design Award Gala and Awards Ceremony will be held on July 20 at the Sociale Theater in Como, Italy.

The Farmhouse Poland
photograph © Piotr Krajewski

Bogusław Barnaś in his over 20 years of design activity is looking for the synthesis of man and nature, he combines centuries-old tradition with modern sustainable development. He draws inspiration from native patterns, refers to the rich Polish culture, transforming historical motifs into modern contemporary design.

post updated 27 April 2022

The Farmhouse

New film, information and photos!

The Farmhouse Poland
photograph © Piotr Krajewski

The Farmhouse in Poland

The transformation of a historical homestead into a modern home

Project: BXB studio Bogusław Barnaś

Team: Bogusław Barnaś, Bartosz Styrna, Anna Mędrala, Kamil Makowiec, Mateusz Zima, Magdalena Moska, Valentin Lepley, Aleksander De Mott, Maroš Mitro, Paula Wróblewska, Marzia Tocca, Magdalena Fuchs

Film production: Unique Vision Studio

Photography: Rafał Barnaś, Piotr Krajewski, Bogusław Barnaś

Graphics design : BXB studio

Area: 507 m2

Location: Polska

Design: 2017-2018

Construction: 2018-2021

General contractor: Ostafin Budownictwo

Client: Private

Each and every project is a real challenge, a deep desire to create something unique and breathtaking, it is a great social responsibility to shape the world we all live in.

Bogusław Barnaś

The Farmhouse Poland
photograph © Piotr Krajewski


At BXB studio, we design buildings that are both modern and routed in tradition. This combination allows us to create interesting design shapes like ”The Farmhouse”, where instead of five farm buildings due for demolition, we proposed five interconnected barns to create a highly dynamic space. Although this development is a completed piece of work, it takes into account the possibility of future development, which could include the creative reconstruction of the historical house due for demolition in accordance with the client’s wishes.

The Farmhouse Poland
photograph © Piotr Krajewski

Modern Barns

The seemingly random scattering of barns was carefully defined by the surrounding landscape, the position of the sun and the function of the building.

The first barn, which is a garage, acts as a massive buffer separating the house from the road. The fifth and final barn accommodates the living area and bedroom with the wooden deck leading to the surrounding wilderness. It is set in the exact place where the original barn was situated. This is where we placed the main living area which replicates the true character of the original barn.

Right next to it, we placed the barn accommodating the kitchen and we positioned it in a way that enabled its corner window to be used as an observation point for the entrance area, which can be found in the central barn and is characterised by its decorative and transparent wall, creating a portal. The barns accommodating the children’s rooms and studios have an open view facing the other side and are placed between magnificent trees that have been preserved.

Each particular barn was finished with different styles of wood texture to reflect the individual character of the historical buildings.

The Farmhouse Poland lakes
photo © Piotr Krajewski

Old House

The next stage of the future development will include the creative reconstruction of the old house due for demolition. We proposed to restore its original, beautiful proportions, disturbed by extensions from later years. We have enhanced the entrance with a new roof, linking back to the original wooden ornamentation of the historic facade. Inside the house, we unveiled the original building material – red brick- to bring out its natural beauty.

The reconstructed tiled heating stove is displayed in the main, two-level space covered by a wooden roof. What distinguishes this house from others is the lack of a fourth facade in the traditional sense. The fully-glazed wall allows the structure of the house to be exposed to the outside and towards the fireplace terrace of the new house. The old house is surrounded with colourful plants and flowers characteristic of this type of rural, historical building.

Film on YouTube

The Farmhouse in the context of sustainable development, history and tradition.

This design is not only about a modern building or the transformation of a historical homestead into a modern home, but also about a unique and sustainable space embedded in the area, which would be the synthesis of local tradition, a beautiful landscape and good function.

When creating the individual barns of The Farmhouse, we were guided by a harmonious approach to nature, primarily to the play of light and shadow, terrain, existing greenery and infrastructure. Large, sunlit glazing has been shaded with an openwork facade, terrace roofs or dense greenery. Thanks to this, the house will not be exposed to excessive sun exposure in the summer. Guided by the principle of sustainable development, we made sure to preserve the valuable tree stand. To better integrate the building with the extremely valuable and beautiful landscape, we designed a footbridge on the first floor and platforms on the ground floor, which then adjust to the topography of the area.

The entrance portal of the new house opens up with a glass facade facing the adjacent courtyard and the future main entrance of the old house reconstruction opposite. The glass facade has an openwork wooden translucent curtain in front of it, which relates to the original ornamental feature that decorates the entrance of the old house. Locating the entrances on a common axis strengthens the dialogue between the old and the new.

Contemporary Polish country property
photo © Piotr Krajewski

The design philosophy with regards to ‘The Farmhouse’ project places great emphasis on the relationship between man and nature with reference to place, history and tradition. This relationship stems from exploring the cultural context, as well involving contemporary structure and design. We think in BXB studio that this kind of openness with regard to heritage and tradition allows us to discover a creative richness, full of great creativity, and that this kind of creation of space gives our buildings durability and timelessness. We believe that in this way, our buildings are not merely anonymous or unspiritual and that they are something more significant than just a modern building.

Contemporary Polish home design
photo © Piotr Krajewski

Architectural model of the Polish Farmhouse

The Farmhouse project was created  simultaneously on a sheet of paper, with a computer model and with a physical model that evolved in our model workshop. Thanks to all of this, we have fully exercised the possibilities of perception and creation of space. The final architectural model allowed us to check the final design solutions. This all represented a useful tool for architects and engineers at subsequent stages of technical design development. The architectural model of the Polish Farmhouse was shown on the award-winning movie production ArchiPaper created by Unique Vision Studio.

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17 Dec 2021

Design: Boguslaw and Rafal Barnas

Location: Poland

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse – Film & Images

ArchiPaper & The Farmhouse

This is a unique, never seen before, unprecedented, surprising, fairy-tale-like synthesis of visual arts and architecture. Two independent pieces of art created by brothers – Boguslaw and Rafal Barnas tell the story of the architectural design in the film ArchiPaper. The film has won dozens of awards around the world and the building – The Farmhouse was consequently constructed.

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse

The brothers have already revealed that soon they will be showing a documentary about a house that was born of dreams!

ArchiPaper by Rafal Barnas:
Film on YouTube

The Farmhouse by Boguslaw Barnas

ArchiPaper is the architect’s experimental story about architecture. This is an attempt to find new stylistic devices for this particular art form.

Contemporary Polish farmhouse concept design

The basis and starting point of the study was a model of the house designed by BXB Studio. The photographed model was transformed into a vibrant image, creating an unhurried, surreal story, immersed in an abstract world and constructed entirely from paper elements. It’s the oneiric fairy-tale image accompanied by the author’s original music. The animation has won awards at 14 international festivals, including New York, Madrid, Toronto and Berlin.

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse

“The starting point for the animation was curiosity: And what would happen if we transformed the model into a vibrant paper world? – I found the task all the more fascinating as I myself feel enthusiastic about searching for and experimenting with various stylistic devices. I also wished to prove myself in a role of a beginner composer.

Boguslaw and Rafal Barnas:
Boguslaw and Rafal Barnas

Another issue that pushed me towards the implementation of the concept of ArchiPaper was the fact that we are on the eve of the revolution in visual arts. Fotorealism is already reachable now and in a short while it will also be very easy to implement and cheap in the terms of borne costs. When it happens, and it will certainly happen sooner than later, there will be a sharp turn in the search for new means of expression in case of telling the story through image and sound”.

Rafal Barnas, Unique Vision Studio

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is a creative transformation of a historical homestead into a modern residential manor. In the place of five farm buildings due for demolition, we proposed five permeating barns, to create a highly dynamic space.

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse Poland
photo © Piotr Krajewski – Fotografia Architektury / Architectural Photography

The seemingly random scattered solids were carefully defined by the surrounding landscape, the position of the sun and the function of the building. The house is a well-balanced architectural composition, corresponding with the surrounding landscape allowing the building to be ecological and energy efficient and providing a human connection to nature.

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse

From the very beginning when I started laying out the design of the house on the foundations of the old homestead, I knew that I had an obligation to create something special. The design needed to reflect and further enhance the existing space that existed in that place for many years.

Contemporary Polish house shingles
photo © Piotr Krajewski – Fotografia Architektury / Architectural Photography

It was not only about a contemporary building, but a uniquely balanced space – one which would be the synthesis of the local tradition, outstanding landscape and function. This is how The Farmhouse was created.

Contemporary Polish home shingle facades
photo © Piotr Krajewski – Fotografia Architektury / Architectural Photography

Boguslaw Barmas, BXB studio

Rafal Barnas (Unique Vision Studio) and Boguslaw Barnas (BXB studio)

Film about The Farmhouse: Film about The Farmhouse

Film about BXB studio: Film about BXB studio


Boguslaw Barnaś (BXB studio)

MSc (Arch) / Dipl. -Ing Arch.
architect, designer, academic tutor

Contemporary Polish Architecture Film, House

He graduated from Fachhochschule Muenster in Germany and Cracow University of Technology in Poland. Bogusław founded BXBstudio in December 2009 after working for a number of internationally known practices, including Foster and Partners, Make Architects, Ingarden & Ewy Architekci.

Contemporary Polish farmhouse sketch

Since February 2012 academic tutor at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts – AFMKU. In 2014 Boguslaw was selected as one of 20 world’s best young architectural talent by Wallpaper* and his projects were presented at London Festival of Architecture.

Contemporary Polish farmhouse axo design

In 2018 he received  PLGBC  Green Building Awards for the best sustainable design – Eco Warsaw Tower. In 2019 he received PLGBC Green Building Award for the best sustainable design – Symbiotic House. In 2021 we received German Design Award, RTF Global Architecture Award for the best world house, and The European Property Award.

Contemporary Polish farmhouse plan layout

Rafal Barnas (Unique Vision Studio)

MSc (Arch)
architect, filmmaker, musician, graphic designer

Architect graduated from Krakow Polytechnic in Architecture and Urban Planning, award-winning visualisation and animation artist, film-maker, musician, the founder and leader of Unique Vision Studio, whose main field of work is the space of architectural visual identification. Three times nominated in prestigious 3D Awards CG Architects ( 2012, 2016, 2019 ). In 2016 awarded first prize in the CG Architect 3d Awards in the Best Film category.

Contemporary Polish house interior design

In 2019-2021 for his short animation ArchiPaper won many awards at the international festivals: New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA)-  Best Animation Film, Best Animation Cinematography, Short of The Year ( Madrid, Spain ) – Best Experimental, 50 KRAF festival ( Rijeka, Croatia ) – Best Short Animation, MAAC 24FPS ( Mumbai, India ) –  Best Animated Short Film ( 2D-3D ) Studio International, Couch Film Festival  (  Toronto, Canada )  – Best Experimental, Short Stop International Film Festival ( Lasi, Romania ) – Best Animation.

Contemporary Polish Architecture Film, House
photo © Piotr Krajewski – Fotografia Architektury / Architectural Photography

ArchiPaper and The Farmhouse images / information received 161221

Location: Poland, eastern Europe

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