Typhoon-resistant Philippines Houses, Philippine Prototype Home, Storm resisting building design

Philippines House Prototype : Typhoon-resistant Homes

Residential Development The Philippines design by PicernoCerasoLab – Aramplus

28 Sep 2011

Rebuilding the Philippines

Project typhoon-resistant houses by PicernoCerasoLab – Aramplus

Residential Development in The Philippines

House Prototype The Philippines
House Prototype The Philippines
image from PicernoCerasoLab – Aramplus

Typhoon-resistant Houses

There is a way to avoid what happened in the Philippines? Below we propose a project developed by PicernoCerasoLab, on request of the Government of the Philippines. The construction of each house costs only 250 Euros. Soon the office will build a prototype scale of one to one.

House Prototype The Philippines by PicernoCerasoLab – Aramplus:
Typhoon-resistant Houses Typhoon-resistant Philippines Houses House Prototype The Philippines Philippine Prototype Houses
pictures from PicernoCerasoLab – Aramplus

Rebirth Philippines

House Prototype The Philippines – Introduction

Human kind has always been searching for solutions that will help them dominate the natural elements by ensuring the opportunity ‘to live a peaceful and safe life. Time after time over the centuries has applied its technical knowledge to set free themselves from the fear and the power that nature opposes.

Sometimes the solutions adopted have been effective but some other times they have created the worst conditions that have negative and trapping generating systems.

Experience has generated two opposing ways of thinking that always confront the most varied terrain of science. The first one supports the ability to oppose their own resources so as to dominate the natural environment, shaping and managing tasks and resources to complete unconsciousness.

This first approach has produced some negative and obvious examples with poor results. The second approach believes in an intelligent integration of man into the environment, considering not only as a ruthless and devastating being, but rather believes that a force so fierce, through knowledge, logic, and respect can be useful to their purposes.

House Prototype The Philippines – Idea

Our idea stems from the emergency created by the phenomena of typhoons in your area and the experience and knowledge from our study in the rebuilding after a disaster.

According to this, our idea is to create a new type of housing that will be able to respond to emergencies typhoon. These design systems, create less damage in the destructive phase, has a very high speed reconstruction, low cost, and directed by the owners of the house so as to be self-built, without any intervention from outside companies, nor material storage.

These benefits can be obtained only through a new type of design ideas that use the numerical control machines (laser cut, milling machines) and software design that can directly bring the viewer’s home, think and construct their own home.

This technology is currently used in the rebuilding of New Orleans, after the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. All areas of the world where are under the danger of natural disasters such as floods, are moving towards this new design ideas that allow specific solutions.

Typhoon-resistant Philippines Houses image / information from PicernoCerasoLab

Location: Manila, The Philippines, eastern Asia

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