Résidence de l’Aqueduc in Gentilly

Résidence de l’Aqueduc in Gentilly, Parisian Apartment Building Design, Architecture Image

Résidence de l’Aqueduc in Gentilly

Architectural Housing Development in France – design by Daquin & Ferrière Architecture

21 Mar 2017

Résidence de l’Aqueduc

Design: Daquin & Ferrière Architecture

Location: Gentilly, Paris, France

Résidence de l’Aqueduc – 60 Collective Housings

Residence de L'Aqueduc Residence de L'Aqueduc

The Residence de l’Aqueduc is located in the ZAC Lenine in Gentilly (France) at the articulation of the central mall Lenine and the future Promenade des Aqueducs. The building, located at this strategic angle, affirms its slender and extroverted facade facing this exceptional landscape crossing.

Residence de L'Aqueduc

The social housing of Opaly (Office public of the Habitat Arcueil-Gentilly), the project owner of the operation, constitute Lot A with the building “N1/N2” realized by Daquin & Ferriere Architecture Agency, “N3/N4” by A+Samuel Delmas Agency on the other hand. Daquin & Ferriere Architecture assured the general coordination of Lot A.

Residence de L'Aqueduc Residence de L'Aqueduc

Arranged around a central garden, buildings N1/N2 and N3/N4 are connected from North to South which continues on lot C and organizes deep views from east to west in the islet from the walk of the Coulée verte.

Residence de L'Aqueduc

They are positioned parallel to the Promenade des Aqueducs with a slightly bent geometry which installs a gentle relationship between the facades opposite.

Residence de L'Aqueduc

A superposition of trays with the folded geometry allows to generate generous and diversified external spaces where it is possible to take his meals in the nice season.

Residence de L'Aqueduc Residence de L'Aqueduc

Semi-transparent polycarbonate volumes are slipped between the balconies. They offer a real extra space for the inhabitants, unheated but closed and ventilated naturally, which renews the uses.

Residence de L'Aqueduc

Accessible from the balconies, they function as “huts at the bottom of the garden”. Depending on the season, you can sit around a small table, grow plants, or tinker. At night they dress the building with giant lanterns on the scale of the city.

Residence de L'Aqueduc

About the landscape
The interior garden was designed in consultation with SLG Paysage, a company in charge of landscaping in the Lenin ZAC.

He declines the theme of a hilly forest. The modeling of the ground consists of storm basins and hills to give more privacy to the housing on the ground floor. Plantations of beeches and mixing of perennial grasses cover the ground and give a forest spirit in the heart of islet.

On the periphery, fences in locksmiths are accompanied by a free hedge interrupted in certain places to offer pedestrians visual breakthroughs on the heart of islet from the public space.

A pedestrian walkway made of concrete poured in place leads, through the trees of the undergrowth, to the entrance halls of the buildings that are reached by crossing footbridges covered with a wooden decking.

Note: The pictures taken at the delivery of the building don’t allow to appreciate the vegetation that has developed there since.

Residence de L'Aqueduc

Résidence de l’Aqueduc – Building Information

Trophée ArchiDesignClub Awards 2017

Data Sheet
Location: Gentilly (France)
Area: 44132 sft / 4100 m2 SHAB
Budget: 8 000 000 Euros
Schedule: 11/2015 
Client: OPALY

About Daquin & Ferrière Architecture
Daquin & Ferrière Architecture’s approach is based on taking into account the context and complexity of the project: the history, the memory of a site, the fundamentals of the landscape, the urban environment inspire and structure the identity of each project. 
At each stage of the project development, the challenge is to respond to the duality between a site and a program. They attach great importance to the dialogue between the client and the architect. A successful project is a shared project.
The values of use in terms of functionality, quality of living spaces, environmental quality requirements and the durability of structures, guide architectural parties and constructive choices.
Daquin & Ferrière Architecture’s work is part of a contemporary culture: architecture must be creative, meaningful and create emotion and dreams.

Residence de L'Aqueduc Residence de L'Aqueduc

Photography: Hervé Abbadie

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Location: Gentilly, Paris, France

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