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Houses Trollveien / Velliveien Norway

Jar Residence – design by SKAARA Architects in Norway

2 Apr 2010

House Trollveien / Velliveien

Location: Jar
Design: SKAARA Architekter

Houses Trollveien + Velliveien, Norway, Jar

Two private residences over the same theme, but with different plans. Both buildings are situated on a site with a nice view and thus have panorama windows formed as protruding corner baywindows.

Trollveienvelliveien Norway Trollveienvelliveien House Jar Home

The house on the highest level has access from Trollveien with the entrance situated on the upper floor level.

The other villa has access from Velliveien and the entrance is situated on the lower ground floor level, with integrated garage/roof terrace.

The foundation walls are sprayed with shot-concrete. The facades are clad with white/grey painted wooden panels.

Jar House Design

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SKAARA Architekter – Norwegian architecture studio

Location: Jar, Norway

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