CB Insights Headquarters New York Midtown

CB Insights Headquarters Midtown Manhattan, RZAPS New York Interior, American Architecture Photos

CB Insights Headquarters New York

Aug 26, 2020

CB Insights Headquarters New York City

Design: Ricardo Zurita Architecture & Planning PC (RZAPS)

Location: New York, USA

Headquarters for CB Insights in New York City

CB Insights Headquarters New York Midtown

Photos by Ty Cole Studio, Inc.

CB Insights is an industry data research firm that employs an “intelligence platform” to assist companies in navigating an evolving internet & tech-based economy. Since its founding in 2008, it has been in a fast-growth mode. Their previous main office, designed by RZAPS, opened in 2016 for 140 employees. Additional staff was located in short-term spaces elsewhere. The new office headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, on a single floor of 43,000 SF, allows the entire company, now grown to 300 employees, to be under one roof.

CB Insights Headquarters Midtown Manhattan by RZAPS

The staff of CB Insights reflects the city beyond its walls: diverse, dynamic and youthful, drawn to urban life as much as by work opportunities. A single-floor space of this size is unusual in the city, and in the sprawling footprint RZAPS saw the opportunity to create a microcosm of the city itself and in a parallel way to stimulate spontaneity and creativity.

CB Insights Headquarters New York Midtown

Urban Work Place:
A large single space for 220 employees was created for the staff involved in sales, marketing and administration. Needing a more tranquil environment, the 80-person engineering staff and its programmers were located in another large area. Connecting the two work areas, a corridor bisects the entire floor—a “Main Street” —with the cafeteria at the southern terminus and the briefing room, a large multipurpose gathering space capable of accommodating the entire firm, at the north end.

CB Insights Headquarters New York Midtown

The briefing room is a large lounge and casual work space that can also serve for company-wide gatherings and to host high-profile industry meetings and other events. The Main Street itself has places where individuals or small groups can gather, including a broad seating niche and a ”living room” sofa. Another space for large gatherings is created at the intersection where the reception area meets Main Street.

CB Insights Headquarters New York Midtown

The objective of the design is to provide open and flexible spaces that are versatile and multifunctional that can transform for different activities. The largest room is broken up into zones by the inclusion of “pod” meeting rooms: freestanding structures within the open plan, creating interruptions to what could have been a relentless sea of desks, thereby creating “neighborhoods” within the space.

CB Insights Headquarters New York Midtown

The pods have white board walls for small groups to use when gathering to brainstorm. Privacy and noise control, the latter through soundproofing measures like curtain dividers—felt panels on walls and ceilings—create an environment to protect workers’ conversations and optimize acoustics. Casual furniture and booths for single occupancy are placed in the work spaces creating separation between zones and to limit distraction.

The multipurpose furniture can be rearranged and reconfigured in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the situation. The large areas of work stations are placed along windows walls to allow ample natural daylight and ventilation into these areas, with conference rooms migrating to the interior of the space.

CB Insights Headquarters Midtown Manhattan by RZAPS

The space was stripped down to its concrete structure and its surfaces stabilized. The esthetic of the design moves away from typical commercial interiors, minimizing finished surfaces including hung ceilings; exposing building systems such as mechanical ducts, pipes, data raceways, etc. to achieve an unpolished, urban quality in the space.

CB Insights Headquarters Midtown Manhattan by RZAPS

Further contributing to this esthetic approach, areas of existing terrazzo flooring that were uncovered during demolition were left intact as a way of layering the past into the design, much like one experiences the architecture and infrastructure of an urban street. Inserted into this raw container are metal and glass partitions and wood paneling. This approach was born of necessity as well as intent; with a streamlined budget, the intervention was strategic rather than extravagant. The character of the resulting space aligns with the character of the hungry, fast-growing firm.

CB Insights HQ floor plan layout

As we emerge from the COVID crisis, the city has been tasked with adapting to our post-pandemic world. RZAPS believe that the flexibility of this design and the variety of spaces RZAPS organized, which operate at many scales, provide for resilience in work conditions and will allow for adaptation to what comes next.

CB Insights Headquarters Midtown Manhattan by RZAPS

Headquarters for CB Insights, NY – Building Information

Headquarters for CB Insights

New York, NY (Midtown Manhattan)

CB Insights, Tel: (212) 292-3148
A fast-growing data research firm that assists businesses in forecasting industry trends needed a larger office space to accommodate their 300 plus staff.


43,000 SF

$4 Million

CB Insights Headquarters Midtown Manhattan by RZAPS

Ricardo Zurita Architecture & Planning PC (RZAPS)
15 E 40th Street, New York, NY 10016

Ricardo Zurita, Rafael Montes, Ana Pereira,
Zhuo Guo, Eugene O’Callaghan

Goldman Copeland Associates

Ty Cole Studio, Inc.

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Location: Midtown, Manhattan, New York City, USA

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