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Galaxy Bar in Moscow

Interior Commercial Redevelopment in Russia – design by Maxim Kashin, architect

13 Mar 2019

Galaxy Bar in Russian Capital City

Architect: Maxim Kashin

Location: Moscow, Russia

The Galaxy Bar interior is monochrome and the clear-cut geometry is easily observed.

Galaxy Bar in Moscow

The idea was to create a pure, bright monochrome space that facilitates a release of the mind and the expansion of human perceptions as if walking onto a non-objective art canvas Colour has great influence over human perception and has an extraordinary ability to influence moods and emotions. The idea of the monochrome bright and clear colour used in the interior is to show visitors the clear space that balances out human and nature creative power.

Galaxy Bar in Moscow

Suprem means dominance and superiority in Latin, that is a perfect word to describe the supremacy of colour over the form and space, that is used by every human to limit himself or herself. This theory is brightly displayed in Kasimir Malevich’s idea of Suprematism. Creating the concept of the interior design I used this theory as the main idea to create space where one may feel himself or herself free, I also wanted to design space that influences on the perception of regular forms. The geometry of furniture is also a three-dimensional monochrome suprematist composition. The concept of the bar is one’s perception of the world through colour and geometry.

Galaxy Bar in Moscow Galaxy Bar in Moscow

The interior colour is deep-blue, its colour code is RAL 5005 Himmelblau means azure in German. The choice of colour should immerse one into the space of sky colour and let a visitor perceive and think freely. To deepen this experience, we created polyurethane-coated neon pipe-light installation, that should immerse the visitor in the area resembling outer space. Outer space is infinite; thus, it is the best image of the objectless free space, free from standard perception of time and matter. All in all, we tried to combine the Suprematism and Russian “cosmism” ideas in the bar interior design to engage visitors in their own world of freedom and let their imagination free.

Galaxy Bar in Moscow Galaxy Bar in Moscow

The aim of the project was to create an interior design for the craft beer bar that will differ from similar bars and thus will attract visitors. It meant that we had to forget about loft design that is most often used in the craft beer interior design and find a unique solution.

People mostly go to bars in the late evenings, so the light must be the key element in the interior design that attracting them if they pass by. This was the first solution to the client brief – to create a light installation. Our second idea that was discussed with the client was to create a monochrome space because color deepens the visitor’s experience and adds that uniqueness and freedom, that the client asked for in the brief.

The main challenge was to create and install the light installation. We were searching for the right material for a long time. My idea was to create the curling all over the bar composition, that will give even, steady and bright enough light. Regular LED tapes weren’t good enough for that, because their light is spreading in only one direction. We were thinking of using optical fiber, but it was too expensive. Finally, the right material was found – flexible neon.

It consists of separate diodes connected in series that are placed in the white polyurethane. This material is flexible enough and gives the right amount of light. We faced the second challenge while installing the light installation. The aim was to install it without using any metal constructions because the installation meant to look light-weighted as it was floating in the air. The special fasteners were used – those that are used to fasten the heating pipes. We also used blue cables to lift the construction up and stretch it overhead.

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Galaxy Bar in Moscow Galaxy Bar in Moscow

Galaxy Bar, Moscow – Building Information

Architect: Maxim Kashin

Project size: 64 sqm
Completion date: 2018

Key products used:
NEON flex – Light
Lemark Project – Touch taps
Roca – Sanitary engineering
MONOLOKO design – Plywood furniture
MONOLOKO design – Bar counter

Galaxy Bar in Moscow

Photography: Dmitry Chebanenko

Galaxy Bar in Moscow images / information received 130319

Location: Moscow, Russia

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