Collège Notre-Dame, Montréal

Collège Notre-Dame, Montréal University Development, Canadian Architecture, QC Building Project Images

Collège Notre-Dame in Montréal

30 Sep 2021

Architecture: Taktik Design

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

Photos by Maxime Brouillet

Collège Notre-Dame, Montréal, Quebec

Collège Notre-Dame made use of Taktik Design expertise to redevelop a space filled with challenges given its unconventional form. Like a vast corridor, this bright space was underused.

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

Devoid of divisions, the premises are bordered by windows overlooking a magnificent garden. It was therefore natural to recall the spirit of the garden in the indoor space, making it a place of contemplation, meeting and group work.

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

Previously a passage corridor, La Rocaille is now a new friendly and inviting third-place favoured by students. Encouraging socialization, exchange and collaboration, the layout offers different adaptive zones. The cubicles in poplar structure, high tables and counter tables make individual or small teamwork easier.

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

The section housing the stage serves as a gathering space or as a flexible classroom for larger groups. Special meetings can take place in the conference room, while the lounge area and the wooden terrace are focal points for having a meal, or simply to relax and discuss.

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

La Rocaille puts forward the richness of the vegetation of its annexed garden by the presence of numerous plants and by the integration of lampposts reminiscent of those found outside. With a rich history, several archive photos of the college have been incorporated into the layout to perpetuate traces of the past.

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal Collège Notre-Dame Montréal

Collège Notre-Dame in Montréal, QC – Project Information

Architecture: Taktik Design
Location: Montréal
Project end date: September 2020
Area: 2730 sq.ft
Client: Collège Notre-Dame

Designer/Project manager: Cynthia Papineau
Collaborators: Nicola Tardif-Bourdages & Quentin Veron
Graphic interventions: François Leandre & Isabelle Boucher

Montréal building by Taktik Design in Quebec, Canada

Building by Taktik Design in Quebec, Canada

Taktik design Montréal, Quebec

About Taktik design

Taktik design is a Montreal-based company close to people and attentive to its customers and their needs. The understanding of places and their functionalities is at the heart of their approach and their concepts Composed of a creative and passionate team, Taktik design constantly innovates to improve the use of spaces and to create unique worlds.

“For us, a successful space cannot be summed up only in its aesthetics, but also in its ability to create a link between its users and the created environment.”

Montreal building by Taktik Design

Collège Notre-Dame Montréal by Taktik Design Canada

Photographer: Maxime Brouillet

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Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada

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