Brand New Offices for Issadesign in Montreal

Brand New Offices for Issadesign, Montreal Place of Work, Canada Architecture, Architect, Interior Images

Brand New Offices in Montreal

Canadian Contemporary Interior design Issadesign

28 Oct 2015

Brand New Offices for Issadesign Montreal

Design: Issadesign

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Purity of concrete

Coveniently located in an ever growing neighborhood a step away from downtown, the headquarters of Issadesign are expending and reinventing themselves.

Brand New Offices

Initiated since Spring of 2015, the reorganisation allows the separation between work space and the greet and meet point. Conceived on two floors, the new offices offer an inspiring and pleasant space for both clients and employees.

Brand New Offices

On the first floor awaits a nest of creativity with at its center a long rallying conference table, surrounded by a selection of samples to inspire clients and contributors. Thanks to the cozy and intimate atmosphere, creation in symbosis and cooperation becomes completely natural.

Brand New Offices

All dressed in white and bathing in natural light, the workshop on the second floor is ideal to focus on the ongoing projects and plans on the drawing table. The broad structural concrete staircase connects the two stories and showcases both the aesthetic and tectonic direction of the company.
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Brand New Offices

Photographer: Adrien Wiliams

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