Terrace Aqua Spa Jalisco, México

Terrace Aqua Spa, Jalisco, Contemporary Mexican Health Centre, Mexico Building Images

Terrace Aqua Spa in Jalisco

Architectural Development in México design by Lassala + Orozco Architects

4 Jul 2016

Terrace Aqua Spa in Zapopan, Jalisco

Design: Lassala + Orozco Architects

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México

Terrace Aqua Spa

Terrace Aqua Spa in Jalisco Health Centre

At first, the architects were asked to design and construct an extension to an existing house in Zapopan, Jalisco, that would include a terrace with dinning area and living room, a sapacefull gymnasium, dressing rooms, massage room and a swimming pool with stationary swimming system for resistance training, added to this, a private home theater un an unused area in the existing house basement.

Terrace Aqua Spa

Because of the fiscal features of the land plot, that is 3.5m (aprox.) lower than the existing house’s ground floor, Lassala + Orozco Architects decided to blend the new building so the upper level could be a roof garden that would be an extension of the existing garden and added to the design program a deck area and an outdoor jacuzzi with a marvelous view of the city.

Terrace Aqua Spa

The access to the areas of dressing room, steam room and gymnasium is through an underground tunnel to the existing house’s basement. The deck area in the sunroof is connected through a staircase to the terrace, kitchen, swimming pool, barbecue area and foot-tennis court.

Terrace Aqua Spa

The basic idea by Lassala + Orozco Architects for this project was to blend the new building with the existing one using gardens and terraces on the sunroof level and to highlight the contemporary architecture that conforms the terrace and gym area. The gym blends into the lower garden areas opening one of its facades made out of aluminum and glass.

Terrace Aqua Spa

It is made up of a horizontal volume that stands out from the rest of the bulding’s architecture. This is achieved because of its color and orientation, giving as a result a slightly spun gray prism inside a white frame.

Terrace Aqua Spa

The challenge for the new building was to ‘highlight itself’ from its surroundings without disassociating itself from the existing house. This was achieved through the selection of natural materials and neutral colors.

Terrace Aqua Spa

The interior flooring and steam room is covered in nero serpentino granite, walls in the terrace area are made out of San Andres stone and metal details in skirtings, stairs and door frames. As an important feature in the gym’s interior, a custom-made mural was made by designer Sandra Zuloaga.

Terrace Aqua Spa

Terrace Aqua Spa

Terrace Aqua Spa

Terrace Aqua Spa

The drop ceiling design contemplated both the esthetics that alow the decorative lights to stand out and the functional features through its slots and openings that house the audio, air conditioning and net features, maintaining a clean design line.

Terrace Aqua Spa

Lassala + Orozco Architects believe that contemporary architecture is meant to be socially responsible and as the building’s contribution to energy saving, a solar cell system is applied to maintain the jacuzzi’s and swimming pool confort temperature, air conditioning equipment has low energy consumption and the atlantis roof garden assists in diminishing heat generation inside the gym reducing the time air conditioning is needed. All bathroom appliances have low water consumption green technology.

Terrace Aqua Spa

Terrace Aqua Spa

Terrace Aqua Spa in Jalisco – Building Information

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco
Year: 2016
Area: 232 sqm

Terrace Aqua Spa

Photography: Marcos García

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Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México, North America

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