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San José Station in Toluca de Lerdo

5 Mar 2021

Architecture: FRPO

Location: Toluca, Mexico

The new mixed-use infrastructure “Estación San José”, by FRPO, becomes the new cultural, economic and activity hub of Toluca, Mexico

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

San José Station

FRPO, an international architecture office based in Madrid, has designed Estación San José, a new mixed-use infrastructure in Toluca de Lerdo, the capital city of Estado de Mexico. The complex is located at the northern end of Avenida Juárez, which links the historic district with the university area. This new construction arises as an opportunity to concentrate the dispersed activity around this area and to create a new cultural, economic and activity pole, both at local and metropolitan levels.

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

The facility will act as a social condenser and revitalize the center of one of the cities of the most populated region of the country. A design that arises from the conditions –high building density– and from the possibilities –privileged location and dialogue with heritage – offered by the environment in which it is located, as well as from the multiple and apparently incompatible programmatic requirements.

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

Hence, the solution consists of organizing a flexible structure that allows the repetition and superposition of plans. This strategy multiplies the street level surface to host multiple activities: parking, offices, co-working spaces, cultural spaces, commercial areas … All of them crowned by a public roof garden that offers privileged views of the area’s historic buildings and the imposing Nevado de Toluca volcano.

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

The intervention results in an exposed concrete superstructure with a bold and pregnant geometry that is related to the urban environment, rising and providing views, both near and far. The basic structural framework is arranged as a field of pillars that support a double family of thin beams, gives character, and unifies the whole.

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

On the one hand, continuous slabs are folded over the beams to create the parking area and, on the other, these are drilled to generate diagonal relationships and vertical spaces that enrich the rest of the programs. In addition, all this is covered with a delicate light metal skin that wraps the resulting volume, leaving openings to the most appreciated views: The Cathedral, the Cosmovitral –botanical garden– and the mountains to the southwest.

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

About FRPO
FRPO is an architecture office based in Madrid directed by Fernando Rodriguez and Pablo Oriol, internationally recognized with the Architectural Record Design Vanguard (New York, 2012), Europe 40 under 40 (2009) and Bauwelt Preis (Berlin, 2007) awards, among others. Their work has also received prestigious awards, such as the selection for the Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards (2019), the FAD Awards (2019), the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2016, Golden Lion), the nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Awards (2015), the IX and XII Spanish Biennials of Architecture and Urbanism (2007 and 2013), or the V and IX Ibero-American Biennials of Architecture and Urbanism (2006 and 2014).

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

FRPO’s work has been widely published, and its proposals have been disseminated through articles, lectures, and frequent exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. Trained as architects at the ETSAM in Madrid, at the IIT in Chicago and the TU Berlin, Pablo Oriol and Fernando Rodriguez are professors in the Department of Architectural Design at the ETSAM UPM, as well as regular guests at various national and foreign universities.

Design: FRPO

San Jose Station Toluca de Lerdo

Fotos: LGM Studio

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Location: Toluca, México, North America

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