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Parque Mirador Independencia, Guadalajara, Mexico : Jalisco Building

Mirador y Cafetería, Jalisco Development – design by Dellekamp Arquitectos

25 Apr 2012

Lookout Point & Cafeteria

Guadalajara, Mexico

Design: Dellekamp Arquitectos + Claudia Rodríguez

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This is a neutral architectonic intervention that complements TOA’s (Taller de Operaciones Ambientales) landscaping master plan and Herzog de Meuron’s Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum) located in the Parque Mirador Independencia of Guadalajara, Jalisco. The lookout-point and coffee-restaurant rivet the natural disemboguement of Av. Independencia but unobtrusively align to the sliding gesture of the landscape. Both facilities were achieved through a single architectonic manoeuver that consisted of an excavation and displacement of the look-out ground onto a jutting platform.

Parque Mirador Independencia Guadalajara Mexico Jalisco Building Lookout Point Cafeteria Parque Mirador Independencia Guadalajara Mexico Jalisco Building
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At ground level, only a slender slab projected over the gorge is visible. In prima facie, a visitor would have the impression of stepping onto a floating sheet of concrete. The true depth of the observation deck is concealed by the diagonal slant of its corbel underbelly and the overall structure is securely fastened by a parallel bridge devised in similar fashion.

The coffee-­‐restaurant, located in an underground pit preceding the observation platform, is totally invisible at ground level. The excavated grotto adds to the “floating deck” effect of the look-­‐out point. Both amenities are the result, as it were, of sliding a match-­‐box open. The service area is also located underground and may be doubly accessed through the coffee-­‐restaurant and an independent lateral stairway. Also, the coffee lounge lying below the look-­‐out enjoys large window panes gazing over the gorge and connects directly to a stairway leading to TOA’s open amphitheater down in the ravine.

The main virtue of this direct and simple intervention is that both facilities are inconspicuous to sight and their interrelation subtly emulates the landscape gesture of the ravine.

Parque Mirador Independencia Guadalajara Mexico Jalisco Building Lookout Point Cafeteria Parque Mirador Independencia Guadalajara Mexico Jalisco Building Lookout Point Cafeteria Parque Mirador Independencia Guadalajara Mexico Jalisco Building
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Lookout Point & Cafeteria – Building Information

Location: Parque Mirador Independencia of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Architects: Dellekamp Arquitectos
Date: 2011
Status: ongoing_in pre-construction phase
Program: Lookoutpoint and cafeteria
Masterplan landscape and Environmental Strategy: TOA
Museum of modern and contemporary art: Herzog&de Meuron
Location: Parque Mirador Independiencia, Guadalajara
Architectural Project: Dellekamp Arquitectos + Claudia Rodríguez
Project Leader: Jachen Schleich
Team: Armando Bussey
Text: Yaoci Pardo

Spanish text:

Mirador y Cafetería


Es una intervencion arquitectonica que complementa el plan maestro y la estrategia ambiental de TOA (Taller de Operaciones Ambientales), formando un conjunto con el Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporaneo de Herzog & De Meuron ubicado en el Parque-­‐Mirador Independencia en Guadalajara-­‐Jalisco. Al final de la Avenida Independencia el mirador y la cafetería-­‐restaurante ofrecen el punto para contemplar el impresionante espectaculo natural de la Barranca de Huentitan. Respetando la topografia del lugar la arquitectura parece formar parte del relieve natural. La percepción se consigue por una parte por deslizar la plataforma y por otra ubicar la pieza solida en el terreno escavado. Su emplazamiento en el terreno subraya la sensación de prolongación natural, volando encima del vacio y ofreciendo una vista mas amplia a la barranca. En empujar la plataforma se crea una conexión visual a la a la parte de la cafeteria debajo de la terraza y acceso. La mayor virtud de esta intervención directa y simple es la contextualización con el lugar, respectando y interrelacionando con el paisaje pero al mismo tiempo crear una fuerte presencia arquitectonica.

Mirador y Cafeteria Parque Mirador Independencia – Información de edificio

Fecha: 2011
Estatus: en processo
Programa: Mirador y Cafetería
Masterplan de Paisaje y Estrategia Ambiental: TOA
Museo de arte moderna y contemporáneo: Herzog & de Meuron
Ubicación: Parque Mirador Independencia/ Guadalajara
Proyecto arquitectónico: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp
Líder de Proyecto: Jachen Schleich
Equipo: Armando Bussey

Parque Mirador Independencia of Guadalajara, Jalisco images / information from Dellekamp Arquitectos

Location: Parque Mirador Independencia of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, North America

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