Orchidarium Pavillion Chapultepec Forest, Mexico City Building Development, Modern Mexican Architecture Images

Orchidarium Pavillion in Chapultepec Forest, Mexico City

16 Mar 2023

Architect: RA!

Location: Chapultepec Forest in Mexico City, Mexico

Orchidarium Pavillion Chapultepec Forest Mexico City

Images by RA!

Orchidarium Pavillion, Mexico

The Orchidarium Pavillion is the proposal for the new nature and culture Pavilion of the Chapultepec Forest in Mexico City. It aims to revolutionize the design of the orchidarium and the experience of interacting with nature and art, creating an iconic building and infrastructure within the Chapultepec Forest that envelops us and celebrates the great biodiversity of this country.

Orchidarium Pavillion Chapultepec Forest Mexico City

The building harmoniously blends the activities of art and botany, resulting in a homogeneous building that also adapts to the function and needs of each activity to be developed within it. The design strategy is based on a simple and lightweight construction scheme using rigid steel frames composed of columns and beams that, through repetition, find a rhythm and efficiency in the work in time and execution.

Orchidarium Pavillion Mexico City

The placement of the building appropriates the existing space of the platform, creating a setback at each of its ends, conceiving a free area towards the southeast that generates a space of green areas and slopes to achieve the integration of the building into its environment. To the north, an exterior expansion is generated to create a public square that can be used as an extension of the art exhibition area or can function as a support area for the kiosk/cafe to promote the use of this area.

Orchidarium Pavillion Mexico City

The shape of the building is composed of two overlapping volumes that reflect its use inside; the form responds to the function. One of the volumes is rational in the form of a rectangle, giving rise to the art exhibition area, generating an orthogonal space with a free floor plan that allows artists to exhibit their works with the comfort of any museum. For the volume that contains the new orchidarium, an organic silhouette is created in response to a sinuous path that surprises us in each of the curved spaces. By overlapping both figures, a residual space is generated towards the center, which resumes the idea of the courtyard where performing arts such as recitals, plays, music, dance, etc., will take place, generating a space that converges with the interior, allowing for a large covered space.

Orchidarium Pavillion Chapultepec Forest Mexico City

The composition of the interiors takes up the traditional gable roof scheme of greenhouses, a geometry that has been used throughout history for its thermal efficiency. The museum uses the same scheme, allowing for a great height at the center where the current dome of the orchidarium can be installed, providing indirect light to the entire gallery.

Orchidarium Pavillion Chapultepec Forest Mexico City

The building will have a rainwater collection system on 100% of its surface, which will lead the water to a treatment plant or wetland within the building and then to a cistern to be pumped and reused in the interior areas. The building not only addresses sustainability through its architecture and translucent facades, but also reuses and recycles.

The new Nature and Culture Pavilion is lightweight and permeable, but at the same time contemporary, celebrating architecture, nature, and art in Mexico.

Orchidarium Pavillion Mexico City

Orchidarium Pavillion in Chapultepec Forest, Mexico City – Building Information

Architect: RA! – https://www.raarq.com/

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Project size: 1600 sqm
Building levels: 1

Orchidarium Pavillion Mexico City

Renders: RA!

Orchidarium Pavillion, Chapultepec Forest, Mexico City images / information received from Architect RA!

Location: Chapultepec Forest, Mexico City, North America

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