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Harwyn Multipurpose Space, Melbourne

New Building in Melbourne, VIC, Australia design by Harwyn, architect-designed prefab studio pods

Harwyn Multipurpose Space, Melbourne

Design: Harwyn

23 May 2016

Harwyn Multipurpose Space in Melbourne


Multipurpose space – prefabricated studio pods

The project was born by the desire to create a space that would bend to the need of the user while being luxurious and opulent, blending with nature. The initial motive came of necessity. With the birth of my first daughter, I required a quite place to continue working without leaving the house. The choice was to rent an office, or create a permanent structure that would be manufactured off site. And there the idea for the Harwyn Pod was born together with the birth of my first daughter.

Harwyn Multipurpose Space in Melbourne

The Harwyn Pod is a premium permanent structure designed from the ground up with the ability to be easily relocated at any time. It is luxurious but homey with an aim to blend Architecture with nature.

Harwyn Multipurpose Space in Melbourne

Consciousness arises in the presence of the object it apprehends, likewise the optimal use for a Harwyn Pod arises in the presence of the Pod user. A drummer sees a Harwyn, they see the ultimate drum room that will provides the creative space to explore their art form. When a School Principal sees the Harwyn, it is apparent that the Pod will serve as the ultimate flexible meeting space the school has so desperately needs. The flow and interaction with a Harwyn Pod is always determined by a user.

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The seed idea for the project was first conceived in December 2012. Prototype sketched in February 2013. Prototype production commenced June 2013. First installed for client July 2014 in Melbourne Australia.

Harwyn Multipurpose Space in Melbourne

PIR panels are used for all walls, floor and roof. The PIR panels give the Harwyn a closed envelope to maximize insulation thus reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling. The combination of PIR and ACM cladding act as a double barrier against weather, solar radiation and noise. A steel base and portal combine with the PIR panels forming a rigid unit that suffers no twist or movement in transport.

Harwyn Pod: 2400mm W x 3320mm L x 2600mm H

Harwyn Multipurpose Space in Melbourne

The decision to green-light this project was born in an instant. The justification to proceed is no different to the justification Miles David gave to pursue a life married to his art form or any creative artist uses to justify the path forwards. It is done because it needs to be done. The impact of the design can only be described by admirers and critics alike. It is to create from the forces beyond mind and let the work be out there to inspire more creation…

The approach to the project required thinking outside the box. It was imperative that at a practical level, the project would be progressive while utilizing existing technologies. PIR panels supply structural integrity, thermal insulation and excellent acoustic properties. Alucobond brings limitless design possibilities with the aid of CNC technology. The clever use of minimal steel in the right places creates a box that suffers no twist or bend. The ability to assemble a Harwyn Pod from scratch in 4 days is an accomplishment we are proud of.

Architect: Selwyn Blackstone and Conceptual Designer: Jason Fremder

Harwyn Multipurpose Space in Melbourne



Harwyn is a boutique design studio based in Melbourne Australia that creates habitable spaces that are both permanent and portable. The spaces, also known as Harwyn Pods are created with the users experience in mind. The end user is a Lawyer who brings her work home and needs a quiet professional space to meet necessary deadlines. The end user is a budding drummer who needs the sound to stay inside the pod without disturbing the neighbourhood. The end user is a high school student who has a place to study as well as a place to hang out with friends. The end user is a fitness studio that now has extra office space to conduct staff meetings, interviews and general work related administration.
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Winner – Harwyn Multipurpose Space by Harwyn is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

Location: 4 Paterson Street, Abbotsford, 3067, VIC, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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