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Paternoster Square London

Office Buildings in City of London, England: Architecture Information – by various architects

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Paternoster Square Building Photos

Paternoster Square London office buildings

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Paternoster Square

Location: central / east London

Design: various architects

Paternoster Square Buildings

This is an urban development, owned by the Mitsubishi Estate Co., next to St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London. Its development was controversial, following a push by Prince Charles for more traditional, contextual architecture. It swept away some fairly nondescript, ugly 20th Century buildings.

Photos © Adrian Welch / Isabelle Lomholt:

Paternoster Square Masterplan
Design: Whitfield Partners, Architects

Paternoster Square London building by Whitfield Partners

Paternoster Square City of London

Whitfield Partners architects of Masterplan

Warwick Court
Design: MacCormac Jamieson Prichard – MJP, Architects
Warwick Court Paternoster Square Office Building Warwick Court Paternoster Square Office Building in City of London
MacCormac Jamieson Prichard architects of Warwick Court

King Edward Court
Design: Eric Parry Architects
King Edward Court in City of London King Edward Court Office Building King Edward Court Paternoster Square by Eric Parry Architects King Edward Court London
Eric Parry Architects architects of King Edward Court

Christ Church Court (left of pictures below)
Design: Rolfe Judd, Architects
Christ Church Court Paternoster Square Christ Church Court London by Rolfe Judd
Rolfe Judd architects of Christ Church Court

St Martin’s Court
Design: Allies & Morrison Architects
St Martin’s Court Paternoster Square by Allies & Morrison
Allies & Morrison architects of St Martin’s Court

Juxon House
Design: Whitfield Partners / Sidell Gibson, Architects
Juxon House Office Building Juxon House London

Building Six (on right of arch ie east)
Design: Whitfield Partners / Sheppard Robson, Architects
Paternoster Square Building Six
Sheppard Robson architects of Building Six

One Paternoster Row
Design: Whitfield Partners / Sidell Gibson, Architects
One Paternoster Row One Paternoster Row London

In the late 1980s, as it became harder to fill leases on the site, there were proposals to redevelop the area. A competition was won in 1987 by Arup associates with a complicated (some said incoherent) postmodern plan. This was abandoned in 1990 in favour of John Simpson’s classicising scheme, sponsored by a newspaper competition and championed by HRH The Prince of Wales. Dismissed by supporters of modern architectural styles as pastiche, this plan too was abandoned.

In 1996 a masterplan by Sir William Whitfield was adopted and put into action over the following years. By October 2003 the redeveloped Paternoster Square was complete, with buildings by Whitfield’s firm and several others. Among the main tenants was the newly relocated London Stock Exchange.

Supporters of the scheme praised it for its harmonious architecture, much of it built in brick and stone like Wren’s chapter house for St Paul’s (which is integrated into the plan); for its mixture of offices and shops; and for its coherent organization of space by means of a large central piazza and urban walkways that cut through the block in logical ways to tie it into the surrounding urban fabric.

Critics called the architecture banal; dismissed the mixed-use credentials of any development that incorporated no housing (at weekends outside peak tourist season, they claimed, the pedestrian zone would be dead, its shops and restaurants empty); and denied that, consisting as it did mainly of a few large office blocks, it represented a new departure in urban planning.

Nearest Tube: St Paul’s

Location: City of London, England, UK

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St Pauls Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral

Photographs taken with Panasonic DMC-FX01 lumix camera; Leica lense: 2816×2112 pixels – original photos available upon request: info(at)

Paternoster Square in London Paternoster Square UK Paternoster Square buildings Paternoster Square architecture

Paternoster Square Office development in the City

Paternoster Square Vents, London, UK
Design: Heatherwick Studio

Paternoster Square Vents by Heatherwick Studio Paternoster Square Vents London by Heatherwick Studio Heatherwick Studio Vents Photo Paternoster Square Vents Detail

Paternoster Square Vents Design
photo © James Whitaker 2009

5 Cheapside London

5 Cheapside 5 Cheapside London 5 Cheapside London Building 5 Cheapside London Development
photo © Adrian Welch


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