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NU house, Hyogo Property

Kansai, Honshu design by P_kan : Hiroshi Shoji Building Workshop: Japan Residential Development

29 Mar 2010

[ NU ] house

Date: 2009

Location: Hyōgo Prefecture, Kansai region, Honshu island, Japan

Architect: P_kan : Hiroshi Shoji Building Workshop

NU house NU house Hyōgo Prefecture house

The Client’s request was for a small house, like an object.

And they wanted the property design to use material as unprocessed as possible (wood, steel, concrete… ).

NU is part of Client’s name.

Hyōgo Prefecture residence Hyōgo Prefecture home House in Hyōgo Prefecture

NU house Japan : Building Information

Location: Hyogo, Japan
Client: Private
Project area: 72 sqm
Design year: 2006
Construction year: 2007-09

NU house Hyōgo home Hyōgo house

NU house Hyogo images / information from P_kan : Hiroshi Shoji Building Workshop

Location: Hyogo, Japan, East Asia

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Hyōgo is a Japanese prefecture in the Kansai region of the country’s main island, Honshu. Kobe, the prefectural capital, is a cosmopolitan port city framed by mountains, west of Osaka and Kyoto. It has a busy Chinatown and an animated entertainment district around Sannomiya Station.
Website: Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan

Present-day Hyōgo Prefecture includes the former provinces of Harima, Tajima, Awaji, and parts of Tanba and Settsu. Hyōgo has coastlines on two seas: to the north, the Sea of Japan, to the south, the Seto Inland Sea. It has 29 cities and has many heavy industries, metal and medical. Kobe Port is one of the largest ports in Japan.

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Website: Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan