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House in Moriyama, Japan : Nagoya Home

Nagoya House – design by Suppose design office

19 Apr 2011

House in Moriyama

Design: Suppose design office, architects

Location: Nagoya, southwest Japan

Photos: Toshiyuki Yano

House in Moriyama Residence in Moriyama Moriyama House Home in Moriyama

This Nagoya home features rooms designed for plants. This home is built on a small, narrow plot surrounded by other houses, making the location less than ideal.

Responding to the client’s desire to have a vibrant garden we suggested a design featuring a room for plants, a “garden room” in other words.

House in Nagoya Residence in Nagoya Nagoya House Home in Nagoya

Essentially, in this home the garden, which usually exists in the so-called exterior, is incorporated into the interior as landscaping to surround the tenant’s living space.

It was our intention to treat rooms and gardens as equivalent, and make the relationship between inside and out closer, by creating a design featuring this garden-like room so that things normally decorating a room such as art, books, and furnishings would in a way almost be thrust into an exterior space. Rather than a design that begins to grow stale as soon as it is completed, through this design featuring the constantly changing and vibrant “garden room” we hope that the tenants daily lives will be richer than before.

Moriyama Residence Home in Moriyama Moriyama Home Property in Moriyama

Using this design as a starting point, we hope that words such as garden and landscape that had only been used for exteriors can begin to take on new and varied meanings, bringing vibrant and beautiful scenery into the interior of homes as well, and make architectural aesthetics more and more diverse.

Nagoya Residence Home in Nagoya Nagoya Home Property in Nagoya

House in Moriyama – Building Information

Title: House in Moriyama
Building site: Moriyama, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Principal use: personal house
Structure: Timber structure, 2 storeys
Site area: 81.38 sqm
Building area: 41.80 sqm ; max:48.83 sqm
Total floor area:76.56 sqm ; max:162.76 sqm
1F:34.76 sqm ; 2F:41.80 sqm

House in Moriyama information from Suppose design office architects

Location: Moriyama, Nagoya, Japan, East Asia

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