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Atelier Tenjinyama: Japan Home

Gunma Residence: New Japanese Property design by Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

29 Mar 2012

Atelier Tenjinyama Japan

Design: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

Enjoy the environment that always changes

Gunma residence in Japan

This residential building in Gunma was born to be able to hold it to prevent rain and wind.

Gunma property interior

This building is made only on four pieces of walls and roofs. The primitive constitution showed the possibility “that a person seemed to be able to spend somehow”. In fact, it rises in joy and presence of mind and discovery here.

Atelier Tenjinyama Gunma Atelier Tenjinyama Japan

As for the design method, simplicity is clear. Make a box to live, establish the window to be connected to the town, grind a ceiling transparently to look up at the sky, plant a tree to make a bower, make a floor soil so that a root grows, raise a ceiling to be brought up greatly. So there are the scene that is various inside and out, and come across the scene beyond the imagination. This is comfort of the kinds unlike a feeling of outdoor openness. There is comfort to lead to the outside from the place that was followed physically psychologically, or enjoying wind and rain not to prevent them.

Atelier Tenjinyama Atelier Tenjinyama Gunma Atelier Tenjinyama Japan Atelier Tenjinyama

There is our environment that continues changing dynamically around all over the world. There are a season and time and weather coming out of movement of the earth. There is society if in the city. In nature, we are surrounded by a forest and the sea and creatures. They are complicated and are beautiful and are fleetingly are strictly.

I want to make the building which I can be impressed by for an instant in an instant entrusting the position to the big environmental flow, and enjoy a slight difference. This atelier is in the environment where an evening of the summer has many thunderstorms, winter has fine weather and strong, dry wind blow in.

A photograph of winter, 2011 when trees are still childish is recorded the beginning of the story of Tenjinyama. To image the future when the child is brought up, we wait to enjoy scene in the future like “Birth and the breeding and disappear before long.”

Atelier Tenjinyama Atelier Tenjinyama Gunma Atelier Tenjinyama Japan Atelier Tenjinyama

Atelier Tenjinyama

On spring, smell of flower covers the office,
On summer, shade of tree is dropped,
On autumn, the leaf falls in the bed of awaking,
On winter, the Sunshine pours into the ground.

On sunny, floating cloud is reflected in the ceiling,
On rainy, the ceiling rings strongly,
On cloudy, it is an abstract screen,
On snowy, it is a white, soft roof,

In the morning, look at a disappearing star,
In the daytime, air rises up,
In the evening, the room is stained with madder red,
In the night, the shadowgraph moves on the wall.

The trees puts the root on the floor of soil,
Resolves water and it makes it to oxygen,
The person breathes in this oxygen and is work,
To grow the tree, I water it.

Tent concrete is to defend from severity,
Place like garden is to melt to geniality,
To know transience, we are enclosed by the living thing,
If time passes, here is becomes a grave.

Atelier Tenjinyama Atelier Tenjinyama Gunma Atelier Tenjinyama Japan Atelier Tenjinyama

Atelier Tenjinyama – Building Information

Title: Atelier Tenjinyama
Location: Gunma, Japan
Architect: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects
Structural Engineers: Akira Suzuki / ASA
Landscape: Atsuo Ota / ACID NATURE 0220
General Contractors: Kenchikusha Shiki Inc.
Design: 2007.7 – 2010.1
Construction: 2010.1 – 2011.1
Structure: Reinforced concrete
Site area: 177.18 square meters
Building area: 61.93 square meters
Floor Area: 61.93 square meters
Use: Office + Residential
Roof: Safety glass shatterproof
Exterior: Reinforced concrete

Photographs: Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

Atelier Tenjinyama Gunma images / information from Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects

Location: Gunma Prefecture, Japan, East Asia

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