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House in Abiko, Japan : Chiba Architecture

Contemporary Japanese Villa – design by Shigeru Fuse Architect

29 Jan 2013

House in Abiko

Location: Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Design: Shigeru Fuse Architects

Abiko Residence

New House in Abiko:
House in Abiko
photo from architect

This project is a residence for a couple in their thirties, built in Abiko City. The client desired a gallery-like concrete-made space where their pleasure of designed furniture stands out.

House in Abiko
photo from architect

The location is at the bottom of two plateaus on a soft foundation. Therefore, stakes were necessary to support a reinforced concrete structure. In order to reduce costs, contacting area to the ground was minimized and the number of stakes was reduced. Accordingly, the upper structure was cantilevered. Then, the walls in varying volumes and the roof slab were made into three-dimensional continuous slanted surface and the stress transmission was rationalized, which became a characteristic form.

House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko
photos from architect

Living/dining room on the second floor has a large open composition towards the green way so as to take in the trees planted on the south side of the site to the interior space. The haircutting space was raised for 1.2 meters from the second floor, so that people will look at the south side green way and the upper side green way and the upper side of the parking on the north side. It also controls the eyesight from the surroundings. The interior space was given a modulated proportion and scale that respond to each space’s activities.

House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko
photos from architect

The monocoque form made of concrete was inflated and squeezed, following the necessary spatial volume at the living room, cutting space and the wet area. The stiff structure enabled a sash-less detail of glass and the exterior wall aligned in the same surface and realizes the exterior that emphasizes various facets.

House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko
photos from architect

The residence creates many senses of distance by the form that pursued the relationship of spaces and a rationality of the structure. Moreover, by the angles of the multi-surface composition the space is divided, though connected, and creates various sequences that are accompanied by sensual naturel light’s reflection and refraction.

House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko
photos from architect

House in Abiko – Building Information

Project: House in Abiko
Architect: Shigeru Fuse
Location: Abiko, Chiba pref, Japan
Structural Engineer: Yasutaka Konishi
Builder: Shishido Koumuten
Site Area: 101.00sqm
Built Area: 48.54sqm
Project Initiation: 2009
Project Completion: 2011

House in Abiko House in Abiko House in Abiko
photos from architect

Biography – Shigeru Fuse

Shigeru Fuse was born in Chiba, Japan, in 1960. He graduated in Musashino Art University, Department of Architecture. Between 1985 and 2002, he worked at Daiichi-Kobo Associates. In 2003 he established his own atelier, fuse-atelier. He is a professor at Musashino Art University now.

House in Abiko images / information from Shigeru Fuse

Location: Abiko, Japan, East Asia

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