Unto Restaurant in Palermo, Sicily

Unto Restaurant, Palermo Building Refurbishment, Sicily Architecture, Italy, Architect

Unto Restaurant in Palermo

Palermo Refurbishment, Sicily design by Studio DiDeA, Southern Italy

14 Dec 2015

Unto Restaurant Palermo

Design: Studio DiDeA

Location: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

The Unto Restaurant in Palermo project is conceived as a reconversion of the previous space in a fast food.

Unto Restaurant

The former antique shop’s space was composed by interconnected rooms, that the architects have turned into a singular grey-tones place marked by an extended counter made of visual concrete and wood.

Unto Restaurant Palermo

Unto Restaurant in Palermo

Over the counter, a suspended volume of perforated black metal panel acts as a little storage, and ad support for a series of adjustable lamps.

Unto Restaurant Sicily

Unto Restaurant in Sicily

The materials selection (perforated metalpanel, visual concrete, grey painted walls, iron stools) reminds of industrial atmosphere and it creates a strong contrast with the early 20th century decorated floor, left exposed.

The iron front doors open up to the street,providing a sense of continuity between interior and exterior spaces, and underlining Unto’s urban character.

Palermo Building Refurbishment

Unto Restaurant Palermo Building

Unto Restaurant in Palermo – Building Information

Type: fast food / fast food restaurant
Client: Unto s.r.l.
Year: 2015
Location: Palermo – Italia
Design: Studio DiDeA ( Nicola Giuseppe Andò, Emanuela di Gaetano, Alfonso Riccio, Giuseppe De Lisi)
Program: ristrutturazione, progetto d’interni, immagine / Refurbishment, interior design, brand design
Surface: 49 mq
Contractor: Edilcrea Tognetti

Palermo Restaurant Building Refurbishment

Unto Restaurant Palermo Refurbishment

Photography © Studio DiDeA

Unto Restaurant in Palermo images / information from Studio DiDeA Architects

Location: Palermo, Sicily, Italy, southern Europe

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