L’Ulivo Pool, Pian Di Spille Architecture, Tarquinia VT, Italian Building Images

L’Ulivo Pool in Pian Di Spille

Pian Di Spille Canopee and Garden Design in Tarquinia, northern Italy design by LAD Architects

9 May 2016

L’Ulivo Pool, Pian Di Spille, Italy

Location: Tarquinia, Tyrol, northern Italy

Design: Laboratorio di Architettura e Design

L’Ulivo Pool in Pian Di Spille, Tyrol

L'Ulivo Pool

This job regarded the design of the garden, pool and a canopy of an existing villa.

L'Ulivo Pool

The site’s peculiarity was the presence of olive trees, while the architecture of the villa, in its simplicity, had an indentation on the façade, placed at the exit to the garden: these two elements were used as starting points in the design.

L'Ulivo Pool

Two ideals axes divide the site: the first hits the olive and is parallel to the villa, the second is placed at the center of the indentation and is transverse to the building. A wooden squared platform is placed at the intersection of these axes.

L'Ulivo Pool

In reaching the platform along the transverse axis, one realizes that the pool system is a longitudinal concrete slab with geometrical holes in order to guest the other elements that compose it: the pool itself and the flowerbed containing the olive tree. These two holes are filled with two different fluids: water and bark.

L'Ulivo Pool

The pool’s north closing is a further wooden platform that is interrupted and rises upwards becoming a wall containing the showers.

L'Ulivo Pool

This element is the counterpart of the olive tree and marks as a visual boundery, a limit of space before the edge of the lot.

L'Ulivo Pool

According to Christian Norberg-Schulz, Architecture’s existential purpose is to convert a site into a place, which is to discover the meanings potentially present in the given environment: the ambition of this work is to rationalize the space revealing an order, which was just hidden but yet present in the place.

L'Ulivo Pool

L'Ulivo Pool

L’Ulivo Pool – Building Information

Type: Swimming Pool
Location: Pian Di Spille (VT), Italy
Design: 2015
Completed: 2016
Client: Private
Designer: Matteo Bianchi

L'Ulivo Pool

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Laboratorio di Architettura e Design on e-architect

Agriturismo “Pian di Spille – Golf” – Golf club in Italy
Address: Località Pian di Spille, 01016 Tarquinia VT, Italy
Phone: +39 366 116 0451

Location: Pian Di Spille, Italy, southern Europe

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