Salewa Spa Headquarters, Bozen Building, North Italian Project Design, Images

Salewa Spa Headquarters Bolzano, Italy

Bozen Architecture Development design by Park Associati in northern Italy

10 Oct 2011

Location: Bolzano / Bozen, Italy

Dates built: 2009-11

Design: Park Associati – Cino Zucchi Architetti

headquarters of an Italian company in the field of sports clothing and equipment for mountaineering

Salewa International Headquarters – grand Opening : 6 Oct 2011

Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano
architecture photos : Cino Zucchi Architetti

Salewa Spa Headquarters

Thursday 6 October saw the opening of the building for the new international headquarters of the Oberalp-SALEWA group, designed by CINO ZUCCHI ARCHITETTI and PARK ASSOCIATI.

Following the inauguration of the climbing wall on 13 May, the moment has arrived for the official opening of the overall complex, housing the new headquarters of the company, an international leader in the field of sports clothing and equipment for mountaineering. Along with spaces for offices and showrooms, the building houses the logistics warehouse, a shop, multi-functional halls as well as a fitness centre for the staff and a company crèche. The building is surrounded by a large green area inside of which is located a bistrot with outdoor space for clients and climbing enthusiasts.

Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano
Salewa Spa Headquarters building photos : Alberto Sinigaglia

The site that the building faces onto, at the gates of the city arriving from the south, is an area where the natural landscape converges with the urban landscape and major communication routes. This topographic dialectic is mirrored in the forms and volumes of the building that establish a dialogue with the surrounding mountains by creating a series of “scenarios” that alter depending on the point of view of the observer. The highest tower, with a height of almost 50 m, will be the city’s tallest architectural landmark.

The large volume of the warehouses is clad externally with a “skin” of perforated aluminium panels, electro-coloured in three shades of grey-blue that have been studied to blend with the panorama of the surrounding mountains. The same cladding covers the three taller volumes of the offices on the south side, acting as a sunscreen. On the north side large areas of glazing bring light into the work areas and offer magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.

Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano
Salewa Spa Headquarters photos : Alberto Sinigaglia

Designed and built according to highly innovative criteria, the Salewa complex has a photovoltaic system, the largest in Alto Adige, that means that the building can produce more energy than it consumes (400.000Kw/h year). These are just some of the characteristics that have led to the building qualifying for a mention by CasaClima who have awarded the design with a new energy classification, the Work and Life certificate for industrial buildings.

The climbing garden, also built using avant-garde methods, is the largest in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe. Thanks to the huge “proscenium arch” at the entrance that leads to the structure of the gym, special climatic conditions have been created that enable climbers to be in the open air yet protected from the weather.

The scheme has fully achieved the client’s stated mission, to create a welcoming place that could carry out the various functions contained within it and represent a landmark, giving form to the identity of the company and its commitment in the field of the environment. At the same time it makes a mark that exemplifies a new relationship between human activity and nature.

Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano
Salewa Spa HQ photo : Park Associati

Salewa Headquarters – Building Information

Title: Salewa Headquarters, Bolzano, Italy

Architects: Cino Zucchi Architetti, Milano / Park Associati (Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi), Milano

Design team: Cino Zucchi, Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi with Elisa Taddei (project architect), Alice Cuteri, Lorenzo Merloni, Marco Panzeri, Davide Pojaga, Alessandro Rossi, Giada Torchiana, Fabio Calciati (rendering)

Structural engineering: Kauer & Kauer Ingenieure, Bolzano – Ing. Georg Kauer, Ing. Ulrich Kauer
Electrical engineering: Energytech Ingegneri S.r.l., Bolzano – Ing. Gabriele Frasnelli Mechanical engineering: Energytech Ingegneri S.r.l., Bolzano – Ing. Georg Felderer
Site supervision: Plan Team GmbH, Bolzano – Ing. Johann Röck, Ing. Rupert Cristofoletti
Climbing Wall consultant: Ralf Preindl, Bressanone
Artistic Intervention: Margit Klammer
Client: Salewa SpA, Bolzano
Site area: 30.595 sqm
Volume: 146.248 mc
Cost: General investment: € 40 M.
Design phase: Apr 2007 – Oct 2008
Construction phase: Jul 2009 – Oct 2011

Salewa Spa HQ

Project Description

The new headquarters of Salewa, one of the most important manufacturing firms in Bolzano, is integrated into the landscape at the point where the city of Bolzano meets the uncontaminated nature of the mountains. As well as housing new work spaces, the building aims to provide a space of interaction and communication between the company and its network of suppliers, partners and clients.

Salewa Spa HQ Bolzano Salewa Spa Headquarters Bolzano Salewa Spa HQ Salewa Spa Headquarters
Salewa Spa HQ building images courtesy of architects practice

The new headquarters represents a point of convergence between different elements of everyday life: from physical, social and communicative dimensions to work styles and leisure. The Salewa headquarters is formed by a series of multifaceted slabs and towers, including a 50 metre-high structure which when built will be the tallest building in the city. The project combines an electro-coloured micro-perforated aluminium skin which protects the most exposed parts of the building with a large vertical glass covering. The resulting visual effect is that of a rock crystal.

The interplay between the thin sheet metal-like pillars and the delicate protective layers frame the façades and underline the contrast between the invisible and visible areas. Situated in a particular geographic location, this complex represents a place of information exchange between the dense web of material and immaterial relations that constitute the life of a modern company

Salewa Spa Headquarters Bolzano – Building Information

Client: Oberalp S.p.a.

Date: Competition: 2007
On Site: Sep 2009
Expected date of completition: 2010/11

Address: Bozen, Italy

Park Associati – Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi

Park Associati Srl
Via Carlo Goldoni n.1, 20129 Milano

with Cino Zucchi Architetti

Design team
Elisa Taddei_Project Leader
Alice Cuteri, Lorenzo Merloni, Marco Panzeri, Pietro Pezzani, Alessandro Rossi
Madoka Tomita, Giada Torchiana

Fabio Calciati_Rendering

General co-ordination and project management
Plan Team GmbH, Bozen – Johann Rock, Rupert Cristofoletti

Structural Engineering
Kauer&Kauer Ingenieure, Bozen – Georg e Ulrich Kauer

Mechanical and Electrical engineering
Energytech Ingegneri S.r.l., Bozen – Georg Felderer

Fire prevention engineering
Energytech Ingegneri S.r.l., Bozen – Georg Felderer

Local Architect
Brigitte Kauntz, Bozen

Cost Evaluation & Engineering
Studio Luraschi, Venegono Superiore (Va) – Franco Luraschi

Ralf Preindl, Brixen

Project Area 2500 sq/m

Salewa Spa Headquarters Bolzano images / information from Park Associati

Park Associati

Location: Bolzano, Northern Italy, southern Europe

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