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Emilia-Romagna Building News

North Italian Architecture News, chronological:

26 Feb 2020
Powerbarn Building, Russi, Ravenna
Design: Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti
Powerbarn Russi, Ravenna, Italy by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti
photograph : Massimo Crivellari
Powerbarn Building in Ravenna
A virtuous example of coexistence between the industrial and the agricultural world, Powerbarn by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti in Russi interprets the conversion process of part of an industrial area, once property of the Eridania sugar company, into a bioenergy production plant.

29 Oct 2013
Medolla’s Ecdysis Building
Design: Disguincio&co
Medolla's Ecdysis - Emilia-Romagna Buildings
image by architects
Medolla’s Ecdysis Building
The need of the traffic reduction in Roma street is the first step on the project proposal. The Medolla center has to find new hierarchy of use with an orientation to pedestrian areas in order to increase the people socialization by creating nice and stimulating spaces. The intervention on the urban landscape has the purpose to connect the two squares (Garibaldi and del Popolo) trough a pattern that develops ways and association spaces and that increases the green areas that will be an environmental filter in comparison to Roma street.

2 Jul 2012
Technology Center Bologna
Design: gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners · Architects
Technology Center Bologna - Emilia-Romagna Buildings
image © Gärtner & Christ
Technology Center Bologna
This design was honoured with first prize in an international architecture competition, converts a former industrial heritage building into a modern technology park. The factory facilities of the former tobacco monopoly, designed by the famous Italian engineer and architect Pier Luigi Nervi are carefully modernised and converted to accommodate new functions. The additional new buildings carry the signature of the listed historic buildings dating from the 1940s, albeit in modern form.

9 Jul 2011
Domus Technica, Brescello
Design: Iotti + Pavarani Architetti
Domus Technica Brescello - Emilia-Romagna Building
photo : Roland Halbe
Reggio Emilia, June 28, 2011 – On the 10th of June, the Renzo Piano Foundation selected the project Domus Technica: the new Immmergas Center for Advanced Training by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti as the winner of the first edition of the prize, promoted by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism (AIAC) and chaired by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, which is awarded to up-and-coming architects under 40. Approximately seventy applications from all over Italy were examined, and evaluated by a single judge, who is one of the greatest professionals in the field: Renzo Piano.
Reggio Emilia Buildings : Domus Technica, Brescello – Jul 2011

Emilia-Romagna Buildings

Major Buildings in Emilia Romagna, alphabetical:

Bologna Civic Offices
Design: Mario Cucinella Architects
Bologna Civic Offices - Emilia-Romagna Architecture
photo : Daniele Domenicali
Bologna Civic Offices

Cesena Apartments
Design: tissellistudioarchitetti
Cesena Housing
image from architects
Cesena Apartments

Cesena Housing
Design: tissellistudioarchitetti
Cesena Housing
image from architects
Cesena Housing

LightNing Tower, Maranello
Design: Tstudio
LightNing Tower Maranello
image from architect
LightNing Tower Maranello

Medio Padana TAV Station
Date built: –
Design: Santiago Calatrava Architects

Ravenna Harbour Apartment Building
Date built: 2011
Design: Zucchi & Partners (Cino Zucchi, Nicola Bianchi e Andrea Viganò)
Ravenna Harbour Apartment Building, Zucchi & Partners
photo from Zucchi & Partners
Ravenna Harbour Apartment Building
The new residential building is part of a large urban renewal project next to the Ravenna station on both sides of an artificial canal serving as a harbour for the industries of the area.
The overall plan by Boeri studio envisages a new park parallel to the water and a series of rather tall volumes along the waterfront, which currently belongs to the harbour precinct but should in time become open to the public.
Within the uncertainty of this “Sliding Doors” future, we designed a double-faced residential complex, relating to the existing city fabric but ready to open toward the water edge and its possible future transformation into a promenade.

Three Bridges
Date built: –
Design: Santiago Calatrava Architects

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Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy, southern Europe

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Arezzo Law Court
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Arezzo Law Court Building

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