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LightNing Tower, Maranello

Modena Development, Emilia-Romagna region, northern Italy design by Tstudio Architects

9 Aug 2010

LightNing Tower

Location: Maranello (Modena), Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Architect: Tstudio, Rome, Italy

The thirty metres high tower has an aerodynamic design that becomes a landmark, an element that wrapping as the bodywork of a car around the bearing structure of the engine.

LightNing Tower LightNing Tower Maranello

It constitutes a kind of light signal, a lighthouse on the surrounding territory. The Tower takes place around the chimney exhalation of underground parking and is formed by a system of kerbstones that, going up around it, creating a space tale.

The slow climb is accompanied by a series of emotions, sounds, lights and images that follow each other around the core. Through a system of lighting and thanks to video projections, the area seems to miss its materia, becoming a fluid of information and communications with the territory.

The images, sounds and lighting reproduce and filter the surrounding environment featuring the image of the place. Thousand of tales can be projected: Maranello’s history and its excellence within the land of engines, the history of Ferrari, victories and the most important riders, suggestive and emotional events that from time to time you may think and operate.

A column of light that, as the columns of the ancient Romans told about emperors enterprises, tells and sublimates the spirit of Ferrari and Maranello representing infinity and ideal space.

This signal of extraordinary efficiency, metaphor of contemporary communication system, is aimed at a desirable society made of many and flexible functions and configures both as landmark, as interactive museum, as a system of lifting as belvedere, as point of landscape contemplation or refreshment.

Location: Maranello, Modena, Italy, southern Europe

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