Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul, Building, Turkish Residential Project Design

Çubuklu Vadi Residences, Turkey

New Istanbul Homes: Turkish Residential Building – property design by EAA-Emre Arolat Architects

5 Oct 2012

Çubuklu Vadi Homes

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Design: EAA-Emre Arolat Architects

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Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building

The main inputs in the design of this project for a suburban residence and hotel complex to be built on a 1.5 million-m2 area were contextual features such as the unusual slope of the lot, the dense vegetation, and the view toward the north, as well as the effects of architectural languages regarding imagery which to a great extent have been exhausted in settlement projects previously carried out in the vicinity, plus the client’s expectations which had been molded by these languages.

Çubuklu Vadi Residences design by EAA-Emre Arolat Architects:
Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building

The fact that a project already existed which had been designed for the same area by another architectural group, but was given up even though all legal procedures had been completed, caused the initial stage of the design to reached a point where scores would be settled with the impact of the project, which has many similar counterparts in which an architectural language claimed to be local is displayed through sloping roofs, broad eaves and bay windows.

The distinguishing characteristics of this “prototype” building, which was designed taking into account the inputs of this specific “location”, were deck-like terraces which were detached from the ground as alternative gardens on this highly inclined lot, articulated terrace roofs as the fifth façade which formed the view of the residence behind it, modular materials which allow for industrial production, interior and exterior spaces which can easily be separated or brought together through sliding systems.

Çubuklu Vadi Residences Istanbul design:
Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building design by EAA-Emre Arolat Architects Istanbul Residential Building design by EAA-Emre Arolat Architects Turkish Residential Building design by EAA-Emre Arolat Architects

These characteristics were developed and maintained in the different types of residences with various sizes and the hotel building which is in the same area. The general settlement, which was also developed according to the location’s specificity, was shaped by matching a linear planimetric order with the existent forest roads. In the hotel situated on the highest portion of the site, the middle block, which consists of the recreational areas, and the bedroom wings, which were detached from this block, were fragmented according to the topography and the view.

Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul Building

Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul – Building Information

Architect: EAA-Emre Arolat Architects, Istanbul, Turkey
Title: Çubuklu Vadi Konutları Çubuklu Vadi Homes
Mimari proje / architectural project: şaziment arolat, neşet arolat, emre arolat
Proje sorumlusu / responsible architect: ibrahim çelepöven
Proje ekibi / team: ufuk berberoğlu, deniz akça, esin erez, can taşkent, rivka geron, armağan gökçül, alaaddin öztürk, murat güneş proje yeri
Location: çubuklu-istanbul, türkiye
Proje tarihi / project date: 2000-01
Toplam inşaat alanı / built area: 15,000 m2 (otel / hotel) 40,000 m² (konut / housing)
Işveren / client: yüksel inşaat
Statik proje / structural project: birim
Mekanik proje / mechanical project: ersel, moskay
Elektrik proje / electrical project: sasel
Maket / model: murat küçük

Çubuklu Vadi Homes Istanbul images / information from FD

EAA-Emre Arolat

Location: Çubuklu, Istanbul, Turkey

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