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Sweetime Shop in Tel Aviv

14 Jan 2022

Sweetime – a sweet & sour, savory & spicy candy store for all ages.

Interior Architecture: OMY DESIGN

Location: Giv’atayim, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sweetime Shop Giv'atayim Tel Aviv

Photos by Gidon Levin

Sweetime Shop, Giv’atayim

OMY DESIGN wanted the store experience to be joyful & playful, that was done by using saturated colors for the façade and wall coverings inside. The designers wanted to maximize selling zones so they used their ceiling as the “power wall”. Each store has a different element on its ceiling, making that store unique and recognizable.

Sweetime Shop Giv'atayim Tel Aviv

What was the brief?
A happy colorful store that emphasizes the verity of the products

Sweetime Shop Tel Aviv

Who are the clients and what’s interesting about them?
Well, the clients are father and son that started this company all by themselves without any retail background. They saw an opportunity and went for it, and they are succeeding big time with 10 store built and counting.

Sweetime Shop Tel Aviv

What were the key challenges?
OMY DESIGN met the clients at first after they have had a few stores already built, after the logo and graphic language was established, but not complete, not harmonized. The challenge was to integrate these design features all together, from the store design to its graphic design.

Sweetime Shop Tel Aviv

What were the solutions?
The designers wanted to take the brand Identity into a united place by keeping it simple. The facades are designed with different shapes and colors that define each store location. All colors are tasty yummy edible colors, and all shapes have a round curvy contour to them – elements that talk about fun. friendly, young values. Each store has a different wow element on the ceiling that defines that specific store. OMY DESIGN paired a branding team in order to redesign the brand identity and language.

Sweetime Shop Giv'atayim Tel Aviv

Sweetime Shop in Tel Aviv, Israel – Building Information

Interior Design: OMY DESIGN

Project size: 55 sqm
Completion date: 2022

Sweetime Shop Tel Aviv

Photographer of the project: Gidon Levin

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Location: Giv’atayim, Tel Aviv, Israel, Middle East

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