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RNS1 Apartment in Tel-Aviv

27 Feb 2022

Design: WE Architects

Location: Reines, Tel-Aviv, Israel

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv


RNS1 Apartment, Israel

On rare occasions, the stars align – and my clients’ practical needs and my design fantasies perfectly match, creating magic.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv

The RNS1 Apartment is a project WE Architects are very proud of; it was a pleasure working on and it has many hidden gems.
The property seems to be located in Oslo, but it’s actually in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv. It was built in 1937, as part of Tel Aviv’s architectural heritage, and located 300 meters from the beach and within a walking distance from Ben Gurion BLVD.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv

The architect was enchanted by the building and its stairwell when he first came to see it, and couldn’t stay indifferent to the high ceiling and natural light in the apartment itself.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv Israel

The place was neglected and probably hadn’t went under any renovation since it was built. Its layout was typical to the 1930’s. A tiny enclosed kitchen, two very spacious rooms (one functions as the living room and the other as a bedroom), connected with a roofed patio. It had a moldy bathroom and an additional toilet. In the new layout the kitchen was merged into the living room forming one open space, and the bathroom was enlarged and we inserted the toilet in it.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv Israel

When WE Architects started the demolition phase, they encountered some issues. The architects needed to perform an urgent concrete restoration process, beside constructive reinforcements with additional columns.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv

The new kitchen is minimalist and super-practical. It consists of two wings: the first is aligned with the wall and the second is a kitchen island and a dinning table. The table is in standard height, considering the possibility of a baby chair next to it, in the years to come.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv

The compact living room enables substantial sitting possibilities thanks to additional stools that usually reside in the patio.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv

The bedroom is flooded with natural light. Here we faced another structural issue, thus the architects had to enlarge the existing column. WE Architects wanted to leverage the situation to our benefit so we designed a bed head that wraps around the column and gives us another storage unit & a bedside shelf.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv Israel

The bedroom window is in its original locations and it would have been blocked by the closet, so they designed a niche in it to allow the natural light in, creating an amazing greenery gem. The storage space we “bit” off the window area was added above the entrance door.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv Israel

The bathroom is located at the corner of the apartment, which was once a semi-open balcony. The shower area is in its far end so its constantly flooded with light. Next to the toilet WE Architects designed a smart two-way storage solution – on one end it houses the washing machine and tumble dryer, the electrically-heated water tank, laundry and cleaning supplies behind closed doors. On the other end it has open shelving beside the toilet, creating a niche to place the toilet papers in, amongst other objects.

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv Israel

RNS1 Apartment in Reines, Tel-Aviv – Building IOnformation

Architect: WE Architects – https://www.we-architects-israel.com/

Area: 60 sqm
Project Budget: $125000
Completion: 2020

RNS1 Apartment Reines Tel-Aviv Israel

Photography: ITAY BENIT

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Location: Tel Aviv, Israel, Middle East

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