Concrete House in Even Yehuda, Israel Property

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Concrete House in Even Yehuda

Contemporary Architecture in Israel – design by Studio Ron Shenkin

21 Mar 2016

Concrete House Israel

Design: Studio Ron Shenkin

Location: Even Yehuda, Israel

Home: basement, ground floor, 1st floor.

Concrete House

The Concrete House building consists of two rectangles placed perpendicularly on top of each other. The two rectangles connected by a bare concrete strip with a wooden like texture, formed by the formwork from where it was produced, this concert strip act as a ribbon, wrapping the rectangles together.

Concrete House

Concrete House

Concrete House

Lower rectangle
The bottom rectangle operate as the lower ground floor, facing to the west toward the open fields and the sunset. The ground floor includes all public functions such as: kitchen, dining room, living room (facing the courtyard) as well as, a guest room with en suite bathroom, and stairs to first floor and basement.

Concrete House

Top rectangle
The top rectangle placed east to west, forming a roof above the entrance on the bottom, and a balcony over the living room overlooking the yard and landscape. The upper floor includes all private functions such as: bedrooms and bathrooms.

Concrete House

The two rectangles crate a high passing space between them. A large window located at the upper section of this space, allowing natural light to pass through and ventilate the hot air out.
The dual space allows eye contact from the ground floor to the top floor, making space orientation easy while allowing a continuous view of the entire space from the entrance.

A pair of red steel beams positions crossed over each other, provide a solution for supporting the west porch and add lightness and elegance to the structure.

An automated system regulates the amount of light via a shading mechanism installed in all the windows of the house.

The main staircase connects the basement and the rest of house. The basement floor is similar in size to the ground floor and has a private entrance from the outside. It include: gym, cinema room, and a guest room with en suite bathroom.

Concrete House

Concrete House

Concrete House in Even Yehuda – Building Information

Designer: Design and Architecture Studio Ron Shenkin
Engineer: Roy Kela
Location: Even Yehuda, Israel
Year: from 2014 – 2015
House: 240 sq.m.
Space: 500 sq.m.
Tenants: 2 parents and 2 children

Concrete House

Concrete House

Photographer: Shai Epstein

Concrete House in Even Yehuda images / information from Studio Ron Shenkin

Location: Even Yehuda, Israel, Middle East

Location: Israel, Middle East

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