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post updated 31 March 2024

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Please find below a brief selection of architrecture studios with strong interior design focus:

GRAFT, Architects

Robbrecht en Daem – Architects Belgium

Graven Images – Architects

Darling Associates, London Architects

Ben Kelly, Architect

Famous Interior Design

A famous architecture design by architect Ben Kelly:

Hacienda nightclub – fac 51, central Manchester, Northwest England, UK
Date built: 1982
Hacienda Apartments Manchester - Interiors Developments
Hac flats porperty photograph © Adrian Welch
Hacienda Nightclub in Manchester
The Haçienda was a nightclub and music venue which became famous in the Madchester years of the 1980s and early 1990s. The building opened in 1982, and despite considerable and persistent financial troubles survived until 1997 – the club was mainly supported by record sales from New Order. The club is associated with the rise of acid house and rave music.

The former red brick warehouse was previously a yacht builder’s shop and warehouse alongside a canal.

Originally conceived by Rob Gretton, it was largely financed by the record label Factory Records and the band New Order along with label boss Tony Wilson. FAC 51 was its official designation in the Factory catalogue.

Designer Ben Kelly was a recommendation by Factory graphic designer Peter Saville.

Upstairs consisted of a stage, dance area, bar, cloakroom, cafeteria area and balcony with a DJ booth. Downstairs was a cocktail bar called The Gay Traitor. The two other bars, The Kim Philby and Hicks, were named after Blunt’s fellow spies. From 1995 onwards, the lower cellar areas of the venue were converted to create the 5th Man, a smaller music venue.

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