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Bamboo Shelter Pavilion

Bamboo Shelter Pavilion, Contemporary Indian Ocean Rim Building

21 Sep 2010

Bamboo Shelter – Indian Ocean Rim

Bamboo Pavilion by Esan Rahmani + Mukul Damle

Australian designer Esan Rahmani together with Mukul Damle have designed “Bamboo Pavilion” a synthesis of sustainable ideas for a communal shelter for disadvantaged populations around the Indian Ocean Rim.

Bamboo Shelter Pavilion Bamboo Shelter Bamboo Shelter Pavilion India

Bamboo Pavilion uses only bamboo for building material. Considered a weed, bamboo has some amazing qualities that make it ideal for building materials. Using this as a driver, the design focuses on getting the maximum out of bamboo. Not only is bamboo used for flooring, roof tiles, drainage pipes and structure its uses are multiple, the enitre structural system is also a water harvesting system.

Bamboo Shelter Pavilion Bamboo Shelter Bamboo Shelter Pavilion India

The ideas of efficient use of space, light requirements for the living room, views form bedrooms and the flexability of bamboo all led to the pavilion having an umbrella or tree form that allowed transendental light to stream into the center of the space (livingroom). The shelter is designed with quality of life in mind.

Solar access is therefore the central focus of the communal living area, where it is maximised by a radial funnel shaped opening in the structure. And in sleeping areas operable shades allow light in, provide natural ventilation and let the inhabitants gaze at the stars at night. The roof is tiled using quarter cuts of bamboo similar to traditional terracotta tiles.

Bamboo Shelter Pavilion Bamboo Shelter Bamboo Shelter Pavilion India

The layout of bedrooms is also flexible. They are divided by large woven (bamboo) mats which can be remove to make larger rooms for families and the mat itself can be used to sleep on.

Bamboo Pavilion images / information from Esan Rahmani

Location: India, South Asia

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