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Waterfall of Light in Assen

4 Dec 2020

Waterfall of Light

Design: Matthias Oostrik

Location: Assen, Netherlands

Passing Trains Provoke a Waterfall of Light in Artwork by Matthias Oostrik

Waterfall of Light Assen

The light installation Een Spoor van Water (A Trail of Water) by artist Matthias Oostrik has been unveiled in a new railway overpass in the Dutch city of Assen. Each passing train activates a unique light composition, incorporated into the paving and planting below.

A waterfall of light that crashes down over its concrete and meanders through its overgrown slopes. Situated in a historic creek bedding, the artwork connects the natural flow of water to the site’s contemporary, urban traffic flows. The light installation is the grand conclusion of a series of art projects connecting the city to its green and historic surroundings and the second work of Matthias Oostrik within this program.

Waterfall of Light Assen

Matthias’ artworks enable new and unusual connections between people and their surroundings. Using digital technology, his monumental installations respond to visitors with changing light, video, or sound, allowing visitors to re-shape their environment. His works in public space are also functional. They contribute to a sense of security and are designed to last.

Waterfall of Light Assen

An early and well-received example of his work is the Bijlmer Moodwall (2009), located in a pedestrian passage in Amsterdam. This 24-meter-long installation reacts to visitors with rhythmic light patterns, which turn the shady tunnel into a pleasant place to be. At De Assen van Assen (2018), passers-by also activate playful streaks of light that move alongside them. A Trail of Water is triggered by the trains rushing across the overpass. Cyclists and pedestrians passing below can enjoy the enchanting waterfall of light.

Waterfall of Light Assen

A Trail of Water not only connects the different traffic flows. It also touches on the history of the city of Assen. The oscillating tides of light refer to the historic brooks that used to run here in the valley of the Drentsche Aa.

Matthias was also inspired by more practical matters. For example, the embankment of the underpass would be covered with dull H-shaped paving blocks. Instead of covering or replacing these, Matthias incorporated the blocks in an oblique and angular composition, creating the illusion of cascading light. To achieve this, 500 of the blocks were fitted with custom-designed LED-modules.

Waterfall of Light Assen

Assen Station The Netherlands – Building Information

Project by: Matthias Oostrik
Technical design and construction: Spectro Productions
LED Technology: Invent Design
Year: 2020
Materials: LED, Concrete
Number of LEDs: 12 744

About Matthias Oostrik
Matthias Oostrik works at the intersection of digital art, installation art, and architecture. He collaborates with technical specialists, renowned neuro-scientists, performance artists, and his audience, who often form an integral part of his award-winning work.

With The Mutual Wave Machine, an installation Matthias developed in collaboration with the Marina Abramović Institute, he investigates the elusive idea of ‘being on the same wavelength’. In this two-person enclosure that measures brain activity, technology is used as an excuse for intimate encounters.

In the spherical installation PLPLPL.PL
Matthias uses Surveillance technology to incite deviant behavior from his audience. The artwork matches live video portraits from visitors with previous recordings. This visual rhyme of human actions reveals similarities and rewards exceptions.

Under the name Dikker + Oostrik, Matthias forms a permanent partnership with neuroscientist Suzanne Dikker. Together they published several scientific papers and received the Art of Neuroscience Award of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies.

Matthias lives and works in Amsterdam with his partner and two children.

Waterfall of Light Assen

Photography: Gert Jan Van Rooij

Waterfall of Light, Assen images / information from Powerhouse Company 041220

Location: Assen, Netherlands

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