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Arnhem Central Building, Netherlands

Dutch Station Building Development design by UNStudio, The Netherlands

15 May 2012

Arnhem Central Platforms, The Netherlands

Date built: 2012

Arnhem Central Platforms Arnhem Central Platforms
images : UNStudio

Arnhem Central Platforms

Arnhem Central converts several regional routes and high speed trains to Germany. As passenger numbers will continue to grow, the railway infrastructure is being substantially revitalised.

Arnhem Central Platforms
photo : Tim Snoek

On the train station level a new 4th platform has been added and all the platform roofs have been replaced. The design concept for the new platform roofs provides a sense of light and space.

Large roof lights, which together with the structural spans, add to a positive experience of the transfer platforms and surroundings. The elevated footbridge is fully integrated in the design, connecting the different platforms with each other and with the North entrance of the train station. The electrified system has also been integrated into the roof structure, giving a uniform appearance across all platforms.

Arnhem Central Platforms Arnhem Central Platforms Arnhem Central Platforms Arnhem Central Platforms
photos : Ronald Tilleman

The platform tunnel opened to the public in July last year, whilst construction of the transfer terminal will happen in two phases and is due to open for passengers in 2014. The contract signing with the contractor for the terminal building, Ballast Nedam / BAM, will take place today in Arnhem.

Arnhem Central Platforms – Building Information

Title: Arnhem Central platform coverings, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 2009 – 2011
Client: ProRail, Utrecht
Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands
Use: Platform roofs with integrated elevated footbridge for (high speed) train station
Gross Roof Area: approximately 8,700 m2
Dimensions: 4 platform roofs of approximately 210 metres long, with varying widths from 9-14 metres
Structure and materials: steel, aluminum and cold formed glass roofs
Start of construction: 2009
Planned completion date: 2011

UNStudio, Ben van Berkel with Arjan Dingsté and Marc Hoppermann, Marc Herschel, Derrick Diporedjo, Kristin Sandner, Rein Werkhoven

Engineering: Movares
Contractor: BAM-Dura Vermeer

Arnhem Central Platforms images / information from UNStudio

Arnhem Central


Design: UNStudio

Arnhem Central Arnhem Central
Arnhem Central, 2008, UNStudio

Arnhem Central – Building Information

Client: Municipality of Arnhem
Program: masterplan station area with infrastructure including two tunnels. Transfer hall including parking, bus terminal, retail, and offices
Gross floor surface:
Transfer hall: 6.000 m²
Underground parking: 44.000 m²
Bus terminal: 7.500 m²
Office towers 22.000 m²
Capacity: Transfers per day 110.000

UNStudio in collaboration with Cecil Balmond (Arup)
UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with Tobias Wallisser and Sibo de Man
Masterplan study: Freek Loos, Peter Trummer, Henk Bultstra, Cees Gajentaan, John Rebel, Andreas Krause
Masterplan: Sibo de Man, Tobias Wallisser, Henk Bultstra, Edgar Bosman, Astrid Piber, Oliver Bormann, Yuko Tokunaga, Ulrike Bahr, Ivan Hernandez
Transfer Hall: Tobias Wallisser with Nuno Almeida, Arjan Dingsté, Marc Herschel, Mathew Johnston, Sander Versluis, Erwin Horstmanshof, Derrick Diporedjo, Misja van Veen
Bus deck: Sibo de Man, Tobias Wallisser, Jacco van Wengerden, Jacques van Wijk, Nuno Almeida, Paul Vriend, Phillip Koelher, Marco Hemmerling
Parking: Sibo de Man, Tobias Wallisser, Jacques van Wijk, Ton van den Berg, Nuno Almeida, , Jacco van Wengerden, Mark Westerhuis, Matthew Johnston, Marc Herschel, Paul Vriend, Eli Aschkenasy, Remko van Heumen
Tunnel: Freek Loos, Ger Gijzen, Jacques van Wijk, John Rebel

Engineering: Arup, Amsterdam
Structure: Van der Werf & Lankhort, Arnhem

Arnhem Central building: text authorised by UN Studio Architects 270407


Arnhem Station
Design: UNStudio with Arup
Arnhem Station Building
photo © Ronald Tilleman
Arnhem Station Building – 20 Nov 2015

Location: Arnhem, Netherlands, western Europe

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