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Phaeno Centre, Wolfsburg Architecture

Wolfsburg Building for Neuland Wohnbaugesellschaft, Germany design by Zaha Hadid Architects

29 Sep 2017

Phaeno Science Centre pop-up structures in Wolfsburg

Noa Haim pop-up structures at Phæno Science Center

Phaeno Science Center invited to co-create participatory pop-up structures with visitors at Tag der Niedersachsen 2017.

Phaeno Science Centre pop-up structures in Wolfsburg

Tag der Niedersachsen is a three-day cultural festival in the German state of Lower Saxony. The aim of the festival is to reinforce awareness of the state achievements and bringing together state citizens from different ages and background.

Phaeno Science Centre pop-up structure in Wolfsburg

Phæno is an interactive science center in Wolfsburg, Germany designed by Dame Zaha Hadid. The wonderful concrete building and landscape are linking the city’s train station, commercial center and residential district with Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg automotive plant and its visitors centre. The unique context where building and landscape are merging into one fluid space was a perfect setup for audience participatory explorations in objects and spaces made from the same modular unit.

Phaeno Science Centre pop-up structures Wolfsburg

3000 heart- shaped red and white cardboard triangles made for the event. The colours chosen to reflect Phæno’s visual identity in the audience self-designed structures. In a region whose economy dominates by advanced industrial production, Phaeno is not merely a radical experiment in construction and materials on itself but providing a curved platform for citizen’s investigation in typology and topology.

Phaeno Science Centre pop-up structure

About the studio is a Rotterdam-based studio, founded following a successful presentation of Noa Haim’s graduation work from the Berlage Institute as participatory activity in London Festival of Architecture. In 2010 the studio was awarded by and to participate in the Environmental container exhibition in Tokyo.

In collaboration with museums, science centres and brands, the studio design and develop educational tools, hands-on furnishing and participatory pop-up spaces. Among the studio patrons are MUDAM LUXEMBOURG, Tate Modern, Polytechnic Museum Moscow, Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Holon Design Museum, The Walker Art Center, National Gallery Singapore and more.

Phaeno Science Centre pop-up structure Wolfsburg

Client: Phaeno Science Center
Curator: Davy Champion
Manufacture and Engineering: Labro Verpakkingen
Right hand: Luis Diaz Rivera
Photographer: Tim Dalhoff

Noa Haim/ Collective Paper Aesthetics
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updated 3 Apr 2016

Phaeno – Science Centre Wolfsburg

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Date built: 2005

Phaeno Science Centre Germany
photo : Werner Huthmacher

The Phæno Science Center is an interactive science center in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Phæno arose from urban planning by the City of Wolfsburg. In 1998 City officials were developing a plot of vacant, public land immediately adjacent to Wolfsburg’s railway station and just south of VW’s huge, then-unfinished attraction Autostadt.

An art museum was planned for the site, but Dr. Wolfgang Guthardt, then the City’s Director for Culture, Sports and Education, knew that such an institution would compete with Wolfsburg’s successful Kunst Museum (Art Museum) and needed other options. Guthardt visited Technorama, a science center in Switzerland and became convinced that a science center in Wolfsburg would complement both Autostadt and the Kunst Museum.

Phaeno Science Centre
photo : Werner Huthmacher

An architectural design competition was held in January 2000 and the UK-based architect Zaha Hadid won, in conjunction with structural engineers, Adams Kara Taylor.

phæno opened to the public on November 24, 2005 with over 250 interactive exhibits from Ansel Associates, Inc. all enclosed in an astounding concrete structure designed by Zaha Hadid, her German associate, Mayer Bährle architects and Adams Kara Taylor. The architectural design has been described as a “hypnotic work of architecture – the kind of building that utterly transforms our vision of the future.”

The building effectively stands on concrete stilts allowing visitors to the Autostadt to pass through without having to interfere with the workings of the building. Phæno is connected to the Autostadt via a metal bridge accessed by escalators and stairs either side. Both the underside of Phæno and the “stilts” are illuminated.
source: wikipedia

Phaeno Science Centre
photo : Werner Huthmacher

Phaeno Science Centre Wolfsburg Building

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Phaeno Science Centre, Wolfsburg, Germany

Phaeno Science Centre
Phaeno Centre image © Zaha Hadid Architects 180107

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects and Mayer Baehrle Freie Architekten BDA, Germany
Date completed: 2006
Client: Phaeno Science Centre

Phaeno Centre
Phaeno Centre image © Zaha Hadid Architects 180107

The Phaeno Science Centre is located to the east of Hanover

Phaeno Science Centre architect: Zaha Hadid

Phaeno Centre Wolfsburg
Phaeno Centre image © Zaha Hadid Architects 180107

Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg : Building Details

Phaeno Centre Wolfsburg
Phaeno Centre image © Zaha Hadid Architects 180107

CLIENT: Neuland Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH
Project Architect [Zaha Hadid] Christos Passas
Asst. Project Architect [Zaha Hadid] Sara Klomps

2006 RIBA European Award
2006 Institution of Structural Engineers Award for Arts, Leisure and Entertainment Structures

Phaeno Centre Wolfsburg
Phaeno Centre image © Zaha Hadid Architects 180107

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Phaeno Centre
Phaeno Centre image © Zaha Hadid Architects 180107

Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
38440 Wolfsburg, Germany

Contact Phaeno: 0180 106-0600

Dame Zaha Hadid

Location: Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany, western Europe

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Stirling Prize 2006 – Phaeno Science Centre nomination

Hamburg Architecture – Selection

Design: Herzog and de Meuron
image © Herzog & de Meuron

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Zaha Hadid Architects

RIBA European Awards 2006

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