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The Balkan Square, Greece : Neapoli – Sykies, Thessaloniki

Greek Architecture Competition design by various architects

22 Jun 2012

Redesigning The Balkan Square

Location: Neapoli – Sykies, Thessaloniki, Greece

Design: sparch: Sakellaridou/Papanikolaou Architects and 40.22.Architects|Papadopoulou + Tsakalidou

Balkan Square in Neapoli – Sykies:

The Balkan Square, Greece : Neapoli - Sykies, Thessaloniki
image from architect studio

Square in Neapoli – Sykies

The proposal attempts the reconstruction and upgrading of the ‘Balkan Square’, in the former military camp ‘Strebenioti’, in Neapoli – Sykies, Thessaloniki.

The Balkan Square competition Thessaloniki The Balkan Square competition Greece
images from architects

It aims at the reorganization of uses and accesses to the square, the redesign of existing facilities and the incorporation of new ones. The concept deals with the notion of hybrid space, time and place, as these coexist and express themselves in the Balkan Peninsula as a mixture of people, languages, religions, myths and traditions; as a mixture of colours and nature.

It chooses nature as the active base that unifies the whole, that is continuously renewed, as a canvas, just like the balkan earth which blends people, toponyms, tales and history and binds them together in one mixture. It proposes the natural landscape as a hybrid container of multiple activities: both park and landscape and football field and theatre, as well as an event place and a space for the enjoyment of nature.

The Balkan Square design The Balkan Square Neapoli - Sykies The Balkan Square Greece
images from architects

Balkan Square – Building Information

1st prize: participation with code number 111213
Architectural design: Rena Sakellaridou, Morpho Papanikolaou (sparch / Sakellaridou Papanikolaou Architects)
Anastasia Papadopoulou, Vanessa Tsakalidou (40.22.Architects | Papadopoulou + Tsakalidou)
Collaborators: Κ. Olympios, Ε. Papaevangellou, C. Karakana, Κ. Toubektsi Students of architecture AUTh: S. Georgiou, Ε. Koumbli, Α. Niaka
Urban planning: Geochoros Meletitiki EPE, dr. A. Giannakou, dr. A. Tasopoulou, D. Zeka
Collaborator: S. Tsovras
Traffic design: K. Derpani
Collaborators: D. Samaras, G. Papandritsas
Location : Neapoli – Sykies, Thessaloniki, Greece

The Balkan Square images / information from Design: sparch: Sakellaridou/Papanikolaou Architects and 40.22.Architects|Papadopoulou + Tsakalidou

Location: Neapoli – Sykies, Thessaloniki, Greece, southeast Europe

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