Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge Lake Bostalsee Building, Saarland Architecture Images, German Project

Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge on Lake Bostalsee

Contemporary Accommodation Development in Saarland, western Germany design by GRAFT

11 Nov 2017

Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge at Lake Bostalsee

Design: GRAFT

Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge, Lake Bostalsee, Saarland

Photos: Airteam

Hotel & Spa at Bostalsee

The Hotel occupies an advantageous position in its natural surroundings, overlooking a serene lake from a wooded promontory. GRAFT’s design aims to build on and enrich the character of the location. The building figure is a product of the surrounding topography. The hotel connects the realm of the wood with the expanse of the lake, mediating between the land and the water.

Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge, Lake Bostalsee

Guests arrive at the hotel through oak woodland, barely seeing the lake. The path to the hotel leads on towards two green hills on which the main section of the two-storey hotel rests. The lobby is situated beneath it at the natural gap between the hills, revealing a breathtaking view over the lake as one enters. The lobby frames the sunset which in turn animates the space with the cycle of nature. An open-air terrace with fireplace offers guests an opportunity to enjoy the evening spectacle.

Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge Lake Bostalsee

From the lobby, guests can proceed onto the restaurant, bar and reading room or to the conference spaces and spa. These functional spaces, as well as the administrative facilities, are embedded in the topography of the hilly landscape.

Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge Lake Bostalsee building

The 2000 m²-large spa and wellness area faces onto the surrounding woodland to create a sheltered, private environment of high-quality indoor and outdoor spaces. The restaurant, conference areas and some parts of the spa open onto the lake, and enjoy an incredible panoramic view.

Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge Bostalsee building

The 100 hotel rooms and suites are located on the two upper floors: the rooms on the southwest enjoy the setting sun in the evening, while those on the northwest side see the rising sun in the morning. The suites at the north end of the hotel building offer spectacular views over the cape and the Bostalsee lake

The below-ground infrastructure linking the administrative areas, spa and conference areas is minimal. A penthouse and bar will be constructed on the roof at a later stage. The woodland on the west side has been thinned out to provide more views of the lake, and the wood used for the façade of the hotel. The timber slats of the façade have been charred, lending the building a silvery-black shine.

The gross building area totals 12,860 m², including the outdoor wellness areas and the covered parking spaces. GRAFT’s design is a response to the spirit of the place, and builds on its qualities to create a new harmonious whole. The result is a travel destination with a special identity of its own.

Photographs: Airteam

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Hotel & Spa Seezeitlodge, Lake Bostalsee, Saarland photos / information from GRAFT Architects


Location: Bostalsee, Saarland, Germany, western Europe

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