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French Architecture Developments

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Architecture Developments in France

e-architect select the most significant examples of French Architecture Developments. We aim to include buildings that are either of excellent quality.

We have 7 pages of French Architecture selections.

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French Architectural Developments : S-Z

Recent additions to this page:

Wooden Pavilion, Montpellier, southern France – 17 Jul 2013
Design: Robin Juzon
Festival des Architectures Vives Pavilion Montpellier - French Architecture Developments
photo : Paul Kozlowski
The pavilion in Montpellier, of simple geometric shape, was achieved with the aid of wooden panels. With the massive and opaque origin, the panels are similar to thin sheets of wood embedded into each other. Thus, the pavilion proved sometimes transparent and sometimes opaque depending on the angle preferred by the visitor.

Saint-Genis-Laval Housing, southern France
Design: Jacky Suchail Architectes
Housing in Saint-Genis-Laval French Architecture Developments
photograph : Franck Fleury
Saint-Genis-Laval Housing – 12 Jun 2013
The purpose of this project – ‘Les Platanes’ – is to provide accommodation for travellers who have been sedentary for the last thirty years, but whose living conditions, in terms of health and safety, are precarious. The community of travellers has been experiencing radical changes. And this project, both in its design and its urban character, comprises a subtle equilibrium of collective considerations and private life, in a spirit of receptiveness and attention to human needs.

Tourrette Levens Childcare Center, Alpes – Maritimes, southern France
Design: Heams & Michel Architectes
Tourrette Levens Childcare Center France
photo : Serge Demailly
Tourrette Levens Childcare Center – 30 Apr 2013
The new building includes a family day care of three units with a kitchen and communal facilities. The areas of the nursery will be managed by the SIVOM Val de Banquière and the communal premises by the municipality. The access to each part of the program must be distinct. The dye is cast, it is a mix of program and management in a single project.

Vieux Port Pavilion, Marseille, southern France
Design: Foster + Partners
Vieux Port Pavilion Marseille French Architecture Developments
photo : Nigel Young
Vieux Port Pavilion Marseille – 5 Mar 2013
The new events pavilion is a simple, discreet canopy of highly reflective stainless steel, 46 by 22 metres in size, open on all sides and supported by slender pillars. Its polished, mirrored surface reflects the surrounding port and tapers towards the edges, minimising its profile and reducing the structure’s visual impact.

Strasbourg – Kehl Zollhofareal, France / Germany – international competition win
Design: LIN
Strasbourg - Kehl design
image from architects
Strasbourg – Kehl Zollhofareal Competition – 7 Feb 2013
Since the early 2000s the two cities have been reinforcing their ties in a process aiming to establish a European transborder metropolis along the Rhine River. The design proposal is at the same time a vision to reunite the two cities/countries around the river and a framework for the urbanization of the site.

Villa Théoule sur Mer, Cote d’Azur, French Riviera, south of France
Design: 4a Architekten
House in Théoule sur Mer French property Developments
photograph : 4a Architekten
Residence in Théoule sur Mer – 17 Aug 2012
The contract won by 4a Architekten from Stuttgart to redesign a villa with listed-building status in Théoule offers wonderful prospects. Built in 1926, the building is not only impressive because of its splendid location on the French Riviera, but is also something special with regard to its history: The Villa Le Trident is the first of numerous villas built and resided in by the American architect Barry Dierks on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Steelband Project, Vannes, Brittany, north west France
Design: Atelier Arcau
The Steelband Building French Architecture Developments
photo : Hervé Le Reste
Steelband Project – 24 Jul 2012
Office & Architecture Studio – The Steelband project had its origin in 2007 when five firms (auditor, near estate broker, architects, landscape architects and graphic designers) decided to come together to create custom designed sustainable offices. For their purpose, they choose as a starting point the German “Banggruppe” promoting self-development.

Touching the Loire – 85 Housing Units & Offices, Nantes, Bretagne, north west France
Design: Atelier Arcau
Touching the Loire Housing Offices Nantes Building
photograph : Hervé Le Reste
Touching the Loire Nantes – 24 Jul 2012
Following an international competition bringing together 60 team applications, “Touching the Loire” came third. The project mixes housing, activities and services, including the extension of the largest veterinary clinic in France. In the visual axis of the boulevard and the bridge, the architectural project emerges from the ground and soars into the sky, giving structure and elegance to the culmination of the housing block. A vertical break, associated with a public thoroughfare, constitutes a double gateway to the Loire and Ile de Nantes, clearly marking the entrance to the district.

Scenographic Huts, Briançon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, southeast France
Hérault Arnod Architectes
Scenographic Huts French Architecture Developments
image : Hérault Arnod Architectes
Scenographic Huts – 4 May 2012
At the request of Isabelle de Beaufort, we have created a stage set for her “Neige de Culture” project on the Serre-Chevalier ski slopes. The aim of “Neige de Culture” is to provide themed cultural itineraries on subjects such as the history of the Romans in the Alps or from Vauban to Briançon. The stories that unfold during these itineraries are underpinned by stage scenery elements such as huts, totem poles and triangulation rocks.

We have 7 pages of French Building Design selections.

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New French Architectural Developments

Contemporary Buildings in France, alphabetical:

Sacre Coeur, Paris
Design: Paul Abadie Architect
Sacré Coeur - historic French architecture
picture © Adrian Welch
Sacre Coeur Paris

Saint Cyprien Auditorium Building
Design: Serero Architectes
Saint Cyprien Auditorium
image from architect
Saint Cyprien Auditorium

The Scarab Building, central France
Design: SAREA Alain Sarfati Architecture
The Scarab Building French Architecture Developments
photo : Philippe Ruault
The Scarab Building

Société Générale tower, Paris
Design: Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
French skyscraper building
picture from architect
Société Générale tower

Tour Carpe Diem building, Paris
Design: Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Tour Carpe Diem Paris
image : studio amd for Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Tour Carpe Diem

Troyes Médiathèque
Design: Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
Troyes Mediatheque French Architecture Developments
photo from architect
Troyes Mediatheque

Val-de-Marne, Ivry-sur-Seine
Hérault Arnod Architectes
Val-de-Marne building
picture © André Morin
Val-de-Marne building

Vauclaire Centre, Montpon-Ménestérol
Arodie Damian Architectures
Montpon-Ménestérol Hospital
photo : Dominique Constantin
Vauclaire Hospital Centre

Villa in the Var, Provence, southern France
Dixon Jones and Jean-Paul Radigois
French villa
photo © Morley von Sternberg
French villa, Bargemon

Windshape, Lacoste, Provence
Windshape French Architecture Developments
photo : Courtesy of nARCHITECTS
Windshape Provence

ZAC Beauvert, Grenoble, southeast France
AKTIS Architecture et Urbanisme
ZAC Beauvert Grenoble
picture © theNood
ZAC Beauvert

ZAC Châteaucreux, Saint-Etienne
ZAC Châteaucreux Saint-Etienne
picture from architect
ZAC Châteaucreux

ZAC Port Marianne, Montpellier
Du Besset-Lyon Architectes
Montpellier apartment building
photo from architect
ZAC Port Marianne development

Zap’Ados, Calais, northern France
Bang Architectes
French Skatepark Building
photograph : Julien Lanoo

Zenith Music Hall, Amiens
Massimiliano Fuksas Architecture
Zenith Music Hall
photo : Philippe Ruault
Zenith Music Hall

Zenith Music Venue, St Etienne
Foster + Partners
Zenith Saint-Etienne French Architecture Developments
photo : Nigel Young, Foster + Partners
Zenith St Etienne

More French Architecture Developments online soon

French Architecture Developments – No Images

French Buildings Developments – S-Z:

Saint-Pierre church, Firminy
Le Corbusier

Ski Town Flaine, Flaine
Marcel Breuer Architect

Terrasson Cultural Greenhouse, nr Limoges, western France
Ian Ritchie Architects
French cultural building

Theatre, Saint-Nazaire
Jakob + MacFarlane, Paris

Theatre Auditorium of Poitiers, Poitiers
João Luis Carrilho da Graça, JLCG arquitectos lda.

Thiepval Arch: Memorial to the Missing, Thiepval, Somme, northern France
Edwin Lutyens

University of Orleans – Science library, Orleans
Lipsky + Rollet

Villa Le Lac, Corseaux, Vevey
Le Corbusier

Visitors’ Pavilion, Centre d’Interprétation, Pouilly-en-Auxois
Shigeru Ban Architects

Vulcania – European Centre of Vulcanology, Saint-Ours-les-Roches
Hans Hollein Architects
Jury’s choice: Jean-Michel Wilmotte. £70m approx. cost

More French Architecture Developments online soon

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