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French Building Developments

Architectural Projects across France, Europe Built Environment – Key Contemporary Properties

post updated 3 October 2021


Building Developments in France

Diriger aux Bâtiments de Francais

We’ve selected the best examples of French Building Developments. Our focus is on contemporary French building developments.

French Building Designs from G-J

Recent additions to this page:

Higher Education and University Center in Le Havre, northern France
Design: Baumschlager Eberle
Le Havre Building
photo : Sebastien Morel
Ecoles – Université Le Havre – 15 Apr 2013
The building is made of two twin elements, side by side, centralizing three establishments: the campus of Sciences-Politiques for undergrad education and the two schools SPI (Sciences for engineers) and INSA-Civil engineering. The architects eventually proposed to group together the three institutions in two different entities unified in one single building.

INRA Research Laboratory, Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle department in north-eastern France.
Design: Tectoniques Architectes
INRA Research Laboratory French Building Developments
photo © Renaud Araud
INRA Research Laboratory – 3 Apr 2013
The Champenoux site in the Lorraine region is one of the five sites of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (National Agronomic Research Institute) in France. Located in the immense forest of Amance, it has added a new laboratories and offices building on the existing site.

International Cave Painting Centre, Dordogne, France
Design: Mateo Arquitectura
International Cave Painting Centre French Building Developments
image from architect
International Cave Painting Centre in France – 12 Dec 2012
The Conseil Général de la Dordogne (France) recently organized a competition for the construction of Lascaux IV, a complete scale replica of the Lascaux cave, at Montignac, at the foot of the hill where the actual cave is situated.

Housing in la Courrouze, Rennes, north west France
Design: Philippe Gazeau
Rennes Residential Building
photo : Stéphane Chalmeau
Housing in la Courrouze – 9 + 4 Jul 2012
The BH2 programme is located at the north-east end of the ZAC mixed development zone, in the “Bois Habité” area. It is bounded by the Rue Claude Bernard to the east, and by the Boulevard de Cleunay to the north.

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French Building Developments – Outwith Major Cities

Building Developments in France, G-J, alphabetical:

G3S – Grand Sports Arena, Brest
Design: Hérault Arnod Architectes
Brest Sports Arena French Building Developments
building image : Labtop-rendering
Brest Sports Arena

Gentilly Building, south Paris
Design: ecdm
Gentilly Building
picture from architects
Gentilly Building

GMCD, Grenoble
Design: Hérault Arnod Architectes
GMCD Grenoble
building image : Labtop-rendering
GMCD Grenoble

Grand Large Dunkirk
Design: ANMA/Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés
Grand Large Dunkirk French Building Developments
photograph : Stéphane Chalmeau
Grand Large Dunkirk

Groupe scolaire Lucie Aubrac, Nanterre
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Groupe scolaire Lucie Aubrac French Building Developments
photograph from architects
Groupe scolaire Lucie Aubrac, Nanterre

Gymnastics Building, southeast France
Heams et Michel
Gymnastics Building
picture © Serge Demailly
Gymnastics Building Tourrette Levens

Hoenheim Nord Terminus, Strasbourg
Zaha Hadid Architects
Strasbourg architecture
image from architect
Hoenheim Nord Terminus

Hotel Loisium, Alsace
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Loisium Hotel Alsace French Building Developments
image from BM
Loisium Hotel Alsace

Information point at Mizoën
Hérault Arnod Architectes
Mizoen architecture
photo © André Morin
Mizoën architecture

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French Buildings – No Images

French Buildings – G-J:

Glass Museum – Cristal Saint Louis, Saint-Louis-Lès-Bitche, Vosges forest
Lipsky + Rollet

Grand Musée d’Art, Nantes
5 architects shortlisted
Grand Musée d’Art Nantes : international design competition

House of Environment for Ecological Park “Izadia”, Anglet

More French Building Developments online soon

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