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Architecture Exhibition at La Galerie d‘ architecture Paris

baumschlager eberle Architectural Show, France – Event

12 Jul 2013

baumschlager eberle Exhibition in Paris

Location: La Galerie d‘ architecture, 11 rue des blancs manteaux, 75004 Paris, France

Ausstellung – be baumschlager eberle rencontre Christian Hauvette D/E

‘To relocate within the building’

9 Jul – 27 Jul 2013

With over 300 completed buildings be baumschlager eberle today counts among the successful architectural firms in the international context. Founded in 1985 in Vorarlberg (Lochau / Austria), succeed after Austria’s EU accession the expansion in Europe and the Far East. The high acceptance of be baumschlager eberle results from a concept that knows how to combine the direct use value, the user needs and cultural sustainability.

e-science lab ETH Zürich:
e-science lab ETH Zürich - baumschlager eberle Exhibition in Paris
image from architects

The teams at the ten locations in Europe and Asia (since 2012 be paris, 2013 be hamburg) accept with their architecture a special responsibility – for the client, the regional context and the social environment. At the same time space is designed to achieve aesthetic visions. However, substantial motivation for the architecture of be baumschlager eberle is not only the use value of buildings: they must also generate cultural value, they must be estimated from users and passers-by.

Always in view that buildings in the truest sense of the word have over a hundred years inventory be baumschlager eberle developed just recently in the past few years an architecture that – to understand literally – deals “standing” with an architectural theme. Always more important is the sculptural aspect, so that the spatial and cultural sublime occupation of a place is meant.

Palais de Justice Caen – New Law Courts of Caen, north west France
Design: BE Hauvette Paris and Atelier d’Architecture Pierre Champenois
Caen Law Courts
image from architects

This “standing” of architecture found in the interiors a particular resonance: arise from the determination and leaving open borders “flowing” spatial sequences are created that contain the element of rest and movement. However, this choreography of perception is not an end in itself: it brings to the individual a recovery in the dimension of the building and its context. It is the perfection of the basic options for architecture, be baumschlager eberle moves into the center of his work. This has something to do with poetry, with the unspoken in architecture and proximity to the architecture of late Christian Hauvette (1944-2011).

Christian Hauvette Institut des sciences analytiques, Villeurbanne, Paris:
Christian Hauvette Institut des sciences analytiques, Villeurbanne, Paris
image from architects

Since summer 2012, the atelier Christian Hauvette & Associés will be continued under the new name be paris. There are similarities in the attitude to architecture that be baumschlager Eberle with his mastermind Dietmar Eberle and the work of renowned French architect connect.

Them together is a joy to rational concepts and the desire to improve the human condition with all the possibilities of architecture. This uncompromising commitment means a place to give rise to concretely improve the living conditions and to take responsibility for the future. It is a deeply humanistic approach that combines the work of be baumschlager eberle and Christian Hauvette together. In the form-finding of the architecture, it is a constant search for authenticity and methodology – ie reproducibility – and a poetry that may result as a value from all these efforts.

Check-in 3, Vienna, Austria:
Architecture Whispers Paris Event
image from architects

In the exhibition, see the works of the two studios in one place. It can be the common ground in the basic concepts seen when we compare the WHO building in Geneva by be baumschlager eberle, for example, with Christian Hauvettes headquarters of the “Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations” in Paris. But there are also different attitudes towards the importance of the material and the primary structure founded by a different cultural background and experience. Overall, the construction of two very successful practises will be shown on 60 plates. The meeting of Christian Hauvette and be baumschlager eberle is definitely exciting and instructive.

baumschlager eberle Exhibition Paris image / information from baumschlager eberle

baumschlager eberle

La Galerie d‘ architecture, 11 rue des blancs manteaux, 75004 Paris

Location: 11 rue des blancs manteaux, 75004 Paris, France, western Europe

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