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Joyce Hwang
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Joyce Hwang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at University at Buffalo SUNY and Founder of Ants of the Prairie.

Architecture Articles by Joyce Hwang

Architecture Articles by Joyce Hwang, chronological:

11 Jun 2013
Disappearing Act
Glasgow School of Art Extension Building
photo © Adrian Welch
Glasgow School of Art Holl Building
Expectedly, controversy and debate surround the Glasgow School of Art Extension project, a new building sited across the street from Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s universally acclaimed masterwork. Although Steven Holl Architects and JM Architects were selected for the job through a highly publicized and elaborated competition process, their design has still been met with a barrage of criticism, perhaps most ardently from architectural historian William J.R. Curtis, who has stated that the proposal is “horrendously out of scale,” is “clumsy in form and proportion,” “lacks finesse in detail,” and “has no relationship to the human figure.”

15 Jan 2013
Architectural Symbolism in an Age of Instability
Beko Masterplan Belgrade Building Design
image : Zaha Hadid Architects
Architectural Symbolism in an Age of Instability
It has been a little over a year after the declared end of the Iraq War, and Iraq’s recovery efforts are starting to pick up momentum. Despite the still-high volume of insurgent-led attacks, the country is intensifying its efforts to rebuild – politically, culturally, and physically. Part of its arsenal of rebuilding is in the form of architecture, perhaps most notably seen in recent announcements regarding two high-profile design commissions.

26 Jul 2011
Urban Porosities
Metal Shutter Houses
photograph : Michael Moran
Urban Porosities
How do we design urban spaces that actively address relationships between public and private spheres? How are boundaries and territories delineated or blurred? Unquestionably, the task of producing public-private interfaces is a key issue in the work of architects, planners, and developers, one that relies on crafting levels of urban porosity – that is, degrees of separation and continuity – between distinct social realms.

12 Apr 2011
Locating Public Space
Ryerson Student Learning Centre
picture from Ryerson University
Locating Public Space
The notion of locating public space within a controlled, privately-run development project is an increasing trend in many American cities. Introducing high density, small-scale, mixed-use development is almost uniformly accepted as a stride toward ‘good’ urban practice. Take, for instance, the CityCenter DC project by Foster + Partners, an urban redevelopment of the former Washington D.C. Convention Center site. Designed as a mixed-use master-plan, the project’s primary spatial strategy is to break up the ten-acre property formerly occupied by a “single vast volume,” into “smaller, pedestrian blocks,” effectively transforming the site into a series of streets and public spaces.

25 Jan 2011
Resisting Boredom
Filadelfia Corporate Suites
photo : Fabiola Menchelli
Resisting Boredom
The world is becoming increasingly more mobile. Technological advancements have enabled us to move rapidly around the globe and communicate from distances away. Yet, within societies that are transforming at such a pace, the monotonies of routines and formulas still thrive within even the most mobile of existences. Perhaps it is the particularities of our fast-paced lifestyles that unexpectedly incite boredom.

5 Oct + 27 Jul 2010
Some Thoughts on the 2010 Stirling Prize Winner
photo : Roland Halbe
Some Thoughts on the 2010 Stirling Prize Winner
Among the eclectic mix of shortlisted projects this year, Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI emerged as the winner of the 2010 Stirling Prize. Does this result indicate a preference for triumphant formal exuberance over the restrained and precise operations of David Chipperfield’s Neues Museum or Rick Mather’s Ashmolean Museum? The competition’s judges duly noted the signature spatial sensibilities of Zaha Hadid’s work.

Joyce Hwang
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Brooklyn Bridge Competition Design
Brooklyn Bridge Design by DXA studio
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Brooklyn Bridge Design by DXA studio

SAR Academy, Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School, Jesselson Campus, 655 West 254th Street Riverdale, NY 10471, USA
Design: architects Esther Sperber and Hila Stern
SAR Academy, Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School in Bronx
image courtesy of architecture studio
SAR Academy, Orthodox Jewish Day School

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