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COOP house Denmark on Sjælland

Contemporary Sjælland Residence, Denmark design by primus architects

15 Apr 2011

COOP house by primus

Location: Sjælland, Denmark

Design: Primus architects

COOP house – collective sustainability

COOP house COOP house Sjælland COOP house Denmark

Project Description

The idea of a collective leisure home sprung from a conversation between 4 friends. All considering bying or building a summerhouse, they feared that they would each just be sitting around waiting for the others to visit. The obvious alternative was joining forces and planning a large common project, with small units for each family and a large common space.

The project is organised as a courtyard house with open corners. The dwelling units take up 3 of the buildings and each consist of bathroom and two bedrooms. The collective house is a two-storey building with a large, double-height space, kitchen, library and living area. A large staircase forms a central meeting place.

COOP house COOP house Sjælland COOP house Denmark COOP house Denmark

A large effort is made to create multiple ways of social interaction. The buildings are laid out on the sloping plot, creating various outdoor spaces with different levels of intimacy.

The balloon frame construction sits on a concrete base. The detailing is simple and precise. The main materials are oak, zinc and concrete.

The buildings are insulated to meet the highest european standard. Large glazed facade facing south accumulates heat and a mass‐oven secures a very low carbon footprint. Carbon emission is furthermore reduced by the sharing of energy consuming facilities.

COOP house COOP house Sjælland COOP house Denmark COOP house Denmark

COOP house : Building Information

Architect: primus architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
Project team: Per Appel, David Bülow
Client: private
Year of completion: 2010
Location: north Zealand, Denmark
Plot size: 1178 sqm
Built area: 250 sqm
Cost: 530.000 €

Photographs: Simon Damholt

Primus architects Practice Information

Primus architects was founded 2008 by David Bülow, architect MAA and former partner of witraz architects + landscape, and Per Appel, architect MAA and skilled carpenter

Our office philosophy is based on the combination of studio work and construction. This approach to architecture allows us hands on precense in all phases of our projects. Our aim is creating a laboratory for the tailor-made solution.

Every project is unique, and challenging the program and future users is our key entrance to working on a project, regardless of scale.
Knowledge and understanding of materials is an integrated part of our design which gives us freedom to explore new spatialities and materials. The understanding of the both aestetcal, physical and mental importance of light is in the core of each design.

COOP house Sjælland images / information from Primus architects

Primus architects

Location: Lynge, Denmark, northern Europe

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