Ultimate guide to properties for sale in Cyprus

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The Ultimate Guide to Properties for Sale in Cyprus

17 June 2020

Recently, Cyprus has become more than a vacation destination. As many new projects are being built in Cyprus, this island off the Mediterranean is becoming the new hot spot for investments. Shockingly, the process of buying real estate, both residential and commercial, is fairly simple. There are also great resources to help you get started on your investment. Here you will find everything you need to know about investing in real estate in Cyprus.

Ultimate guide to properties for sale in Cyprus

More families are moving to Cyprus

Due to Cyprus’s reputation for low crime rates, low taxes, and a healthy lifestyle, many families are now finding that they would like to move there. Real estate investments are a good idea in places which are thriving. With an influx of immigrants, there is a higher demand for rentals. As Cyprus’s population increases, prices of properties will rise. Hurry to claim property ownership before it’s too late.

Another exciting feature is:

The Cyprus Investment Programme

In order to help boost its economy and increase business, the government of Cyprus adopted the Cyprus Investment Programme plan. This plan is geared towards people who are foreign investors with the goal to get people to invest in Cyprus. You have to be accepted into the program. In order to become part of the program, your criminal record will be checked. You will also need a permit of residence.

Most importantly, you have to have investments in Cyprus of at least 2 million euros. Sounds like a lot, but in exchange, you are granted EU citizenship within 6 months. For more information about the investment programme, visit Prime Property.

Real estate prices are low

If you want to invest in real estate in the EU, Cyprus has great deals. With prices lower than those of other countries on the Southern European Coast,  property investment in Cyprus is a no-brainer.

  • Cyprus is an international business centre

Due to its location, Cyprus serves as a good middle ground between member countries of the EU. It’s a great location for setting up businesses especially those that require trade and other work with countries in the EU.

  • There are great tax benefits, especially for businesses

There are many benefits for businesses which want to establish themselves in Cyprus. There is a 12.5% reduction in company tax. Individual taxes are also very fair.

  • Tourism- Over 2.5 million tourists visit Cyprus per year. Since Cyprus is a popular resort destination, there is great demand for rentals. Websites, like that of Prime Property Group, have a vast selection of properties which are on sale but are currently being rented. Therefore, investing is really easy.

As soon as you make the investment deal, you will start getting revenue from the rental. Most of Prime Property’s currently rented locations are in the city of Limassol, which is prime locations for business and tourism. Since it attracts so many tourists and businessmen, your rental will be in demand no matter what season it is. For more information, visit www.prime-property.com.

Investors look to put their money into places that:

  • foster economic growth
  • maintain political stability
  • have good infrastructure
  • provide good healthcare and education for foreigners
  • Protect religious freedom
  • have a pleasant climate
  • have a rise in tourism

Cyprus ticks off all of these boxes, making it a smart place for investment.

The takeaway:

Cyprus is growing and has a lot of potential. Its rise in tourism, an increase in immigration, and welcoming of trade and business makes Cyprus a great place to invest in property. Cyprus is on the move with the development of itself as a country. Its vision of growth and implementation of that vision proves that it is a safe investment choice for the present and for the future.

Ultimate Guide to Properties for Sale in Cyprus

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