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Reflective Seduction Installation

13 Apr 2020

Reflective Seduction Installation in Hong Kong

Design: Napp Studio & Architects

Location: Hong Kong, China

Reflective Seduction Installation Hong Kong

Reflective Seduction


A highly interactive process that unfolds itself between the physical and the mental, reality and imagination, the present and the imminent future. It is a tension between reveal and conceal. Themed around the word ‘seduction’, this installation highlights the delicate yet intense relationship between the seducer (the movable panels of photographs of the starlettes) and the seduced (the visitors).

Reflective Seduction Installation Hong Kong

In this one year long period, the architectural installation is interchangeable between the forest of individual panels and the three rooms that are concealed in its configuration. Each room highlights a different seductive experience between the photographs and the visitors in order to trigger the rethinking of femininity and beauty.

Reflective Seduction Installation Hong Kong


Mirror Room is the most hidden room that reflects on both sides and camouflages itself with the surroundings. It conceals itself in the reflection of the starlettes’ photographs as well as visitors on both sides.

Reflective Seduction Installation Hong Kong

Observation Room is the most transparent room that allows visitors from the outside to observe visitors inside who only see the multiplied starlettes’ photographs in infinite reflections in the room.

Reflective Seduction Installation Hong Kong

The Spectacle Room subverts the observation room. It turns the entire exhibition outside the room into a scene of seduction among the photographs, the visitors and the reflections that exist only outside of the room.

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Reflective Seduction Installation Hong Kong


Design is a minimal yet effective intervention in dialogue with the needs of its users and context; and we find beauty in simple and clear design intentions.

Napp Studio is a progressive design collaboration that works across scale – from architecture, interior to furniture and product. As architects, we approach design subjects through series and layers of rigorous operations e.g. social, formal, practical, structural and environmental, which are translated in all scales.

Our practice has won several local and international awards including Gold Award in Taipei International Design Award and Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award; and our works have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions e.g. 16th International Venice Architecture Biennale, SPARK The Science and Art of Creativity, Hong Kong/Shen Zhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

Reflective Seduction Installation Hong Kong

Napp Studio was founded by Aron Tsang and Wesley Ho in 2016.

Wesley HO Hung-Lai received his Master of Architecture at Harvard GSD and Bachelor Degree in Architectural Studies at HKU. He has worked in New York, Hong Kong and China. He was a teaching assistant for Career Discovery at HKU and option studio at Harvard GSD. His work was exhibited in US, Europe and China; and was published in a+t magazine, WIRED Japan, Milan Expo USA Pavilion website and GSD Platform.

Aron TSANG Wai-Chun is a Registered Architect in Hong Kong. Upon receiving his MArch and BA(AS) from University of Hong Kong with Distinction, he has worked in a number of renowned offices in Hong Kong, Seoul and Stockholm. His works have been awarded and featured at multiple competitions and publications, in which he was also awarded as one of the Hong Kong Young Design Talents in 2014.

Reflective Seduction Installation – Building Information

Design Studio: Napp Studio & Architects
Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Collaborator: Chris TSUI Chun-Shing (Whiteground)
Status: Concept Design

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