Symbiosis Houses Herlev, Denmark

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Symbiosis Houses in Herlev

20 Jan 2021

Symbiosis Houses

Architects: URBAN POWER

Location: Herlev, Denmark

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

The Symbiosis Houses – The first project in the Housing Laboratory is taking shape. URBAN POWER and Wihlborgs are leading the pilot project “The Symbiosis Houses”, which rethinks housing, business areas, food and sharing economy.

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

In the autumn of 2020, seven concepts were selected for Realdania and the Statens Kunstfonds joint foothold: HOUSING LABORATORY, where builders and architects challenge our common ways of living and thinking about housing. NOW, the first of these concepts is taking shape. The design studio URBAN POWER and the developer Wihlborgs have together with the agricultural community Østregro, Flux energy engineers, Stokbro construction engineers and the branding agency Next made a detailed sketch proposal, which now forms the basis for dialogue with future residents and contractors.

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

A VERY SPECIAL WAY TO LIVE AND LIVE The settlement The Symbiosis Houses will be located as a small village with small wooden houses organized around a winding street with small squares that create an intimate and cozy atmosphere and invite to stay, play and communities. Along with the settlement is a small farm where the residents can grow vegetables and enjoy nature. And village oasis! But now imagine that this oasis is located on the roof of a monotonous commercial building in the middle of a commercial district filled with gray parking and asphalt. Because that is exactly what makes the Symbiosis Houses something special.

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

The symbiosis houses are a pioneering project that combines the qualities of the village and urban agriculture’s close communities and security with the rawness of the big city and business districts and a very special view that is otherwise usually only reserved for high-rise buildings. The project will give a refreshing boost to the otherwise time-typical and monofunctional business area. And it is precisely the idea that the idea can help kick-start urban development in both this area, but also that the concept can be reused as a catalyst for urban development in other similar areas.

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

SYMBIOSIS IS DOUBLE UTILIZATION However, the symbiosis houses should not be seen as an isolated residential clave. Part of the concept is that the three functions: Housing, business and roof agriculture partially merge – so that the homes can use facilities in the commercial building and the business part can use facilities on the roof. Selected rooms in the commercial building are used for sharing offices, fitness, workshops, loan rooms, meeting rooms / TV rooms and other functions that can be used by both residents and business people. Food, water, heat, energy, parking and space are shared and utilized by different users at different times of the day and year. You simply make much better use of local resources.

It is sustainable sharing economy. Communities across The project acquires an intimate, self-grown character that reflects the social values that the finished project will contain. The business canteen on the ground floor and the Fælleshuset on the roof are two anchor points for the communities across. They will work closely with the roof farm, where residents and staff from the profession will be able to grow vegetables, compost and hold communal meals.

The common facilities and activities must increase the unity and identity of the building, extend beyond its own land register and involve the residents in the immediate area. Preliminary experiments will be launched during the spring of 2021 to include the local area: establishment of sample roof garden, furnishing of office spaces for homework people in the area and food-out-of-the-house from the business canteen. Political support The pilot project Symbiosehusene will be located in a business area in Herlev, which is undergoing a major transformation.

The project here can help to define the character of the upcoming urban development, which focuses on Herlev’s historical identity as an agricultural municipality. “A project like Symbiosehusene will be groundbreaking for our new neighborhood Herlev Hørkæret, where we want to mix business and housing with Herlev’s agricultural history.

The symbiosis houses focus on exactly the values we want to cultivate in Herlev ”, says Mayor Thomas Gyldal Petersen about the project. URBAN POWER is currently in the process of preparing a major master plan and local plan for the area. A Housing Laboratory Pga. the experimental and innovative nature of the project, it has obtained the coveted support from Realdania and the Statens Kunstfonds partnership: Boliglaboratorium. “We are happy and proud that our project” Symbiosis Houses “is among the selected winners in such a sharp field” says Wihlborgs Project Manager Johan Tofte and alludes to the fact that 59 applicants to the Housing Laboratory had to be tipped off the stick through a multi-phase application process The symbiosis houses were selected for the experiment.

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

Meetings and workshops have already been held with Realdania and the Statens Kunstfond and the 7 selected projects. The process with Boliglaboratorium is expected to run over the next 2-3 years. The symbiosis houses are expected to be realized at the end of 2021, as the first of the 7 experimental projects. About the Symbiosis Houses Where: Hørkæret, Herlev Number of dwellings: approx. 55 Living area: approx. 3,000 m2 in 1-2

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

Symbiosis Houses in Herlev, DK – Design Information


Where: Hørkæret, Herlev
Number of dwellings: approx. 55
Living area: approx. 3,000 sqm in 1-2 floors + communal house Business area: approx. 27,500 m2 on 4 floors
Roof farm: approx. 1,500 sqm incl. greenhouses, etc.

Symbiosis Houses Herlev

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Location: Herlev, Denmark

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